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Deepak Rajput - Wendy houses or playhouses for children of the super rich

Lilliput Play Homes, based in Finleyville, Pennsylvania, sell 30 signature playhouses including the top-of-the-range Grand Victorian playhouse [above] which costs $19,999 (about £12,900). They ship the homes all over the world to parents eager to give their kids a taste of the real world in miniature. All of the playhouses have lavish interiors with accessories and furniture - and some even have working electricity for air conditioning should the kids get too hot.

"We had one customer who had made their money in trucking who ordered an entire 'main street' for their child down in Florida which set them back $100,000 (£65,000)" said owner Steve Chernicky. "That was a one-off, but was a significant order."

"Our starting prices for a standard luxury wendy house is around £3,800. But, if families want a custom playhouse and they order more than one, their bill starts at £39,000 each," said Steve. Above: Children play at the Cotton Candy Manor which costs $9,599 (about £6,140).

The company has a burgeoning list of customers from the UK. "A large part of our business is international sales," said Steve. "On larger projects, we will fly out a supervisor from our company to help assemble these playhouses overseas." Above: A boy plays outside the Five Alarm Firehouse which costs $4,699 (about £3,000)

The Red Apple School House which costs $5,299 (about £3,400)

Two girls play inside The Red Apple School House

Lil' Raskals' Lookout, which costs $5,899 (about £3,750)

The Princess Cottage: $5,499 (about £3,500)

The Piccadilly Playhouse: $3,999 (about £2,500)

A man builds one of the playhouses in the style of a castle at the Lilliput Play Homes warehouse in Finleyville, Pennsylvania

Extravagant children's playhouses are auctioned off in Los Angeles. Homeaid's 19th annual Project Playhouse auction raises funds to help to build housing for the homeless. The playhouses are on show at a shopping centre in Irvine, California, for six weeks before the auction

The playhouses, most of which come equipped with flat-screen TVs installed, are designed for the children of the rich and famous

This playhouse is called the Ocean Adventure Lab

The interior of the Ocean Adventure Lab


Deepak Rajput - All Online Marketing Company Needs Stop with an SEO India

The SEO Company in India more or less knows what happens on the internet and the results one can anticipate by toiling hard.

The internet is a vast ocean of various forums and channels besides the presence of social media on it. The SEO India Company gets enough space to pitch in the idea and embark on an aggressive promotional campaign to achieve desirable results.

The SEO Services Company helps get the visibility a business needs to sell. Its knowledge of all the important forums where traffic comes in hordes helps put together a strong result oriented campaign. Add to that its knowledge of social media and you complete the quartet, the other two participants being PPC Ads and Link Building. All 4 are used so seamlessly over the internet that the business starts building a strong presence cutting through online channels.

The familiarity a SEO Company in India has with every social media portal works in its favor. With all benefits its mind, the business is promoted in a way most acceptable by that particular portal. On Facebook, the approach is very different to the one on LinkedIn. Again, the way it happens on YouTube is very different to how it happens on Ryze or Twitter.

Justifying its reputation, SEO in India is done aggressively with a lot of forum participation with people. Comments are posted, debates initiated and messages exchanged in the process. Links too, are passed on as part of the process.

This provides good exposure, for all the people driven by curiosity do take time out and click on the link. When they like the website, they pass on word about it to others who show up as well.

Blog writing is another favorite with the SEO Services Company. Posts are made one after the other to ensure people are kept regularly updated about the product and the changes made to it. The written word being believable,

All in all, the agency knows everything about the internet where a business can be talked about, presented well and spoken of in a saleable manner. Hence, work goes ahead full throttle with promotions being done belligerently. The results finally show up when the business starts getting traffic, generates leads and has revenue coming in.

Google Panda 2.5 Reversed Or Updated

So the Panda 2.5 update was pushed out by Google on September 28th and then on October 4/5th, Google promised tweaks and some site's hit, confirmed being back and recovered fully.

SearchMetrics reports that 10 of the 30 sites they reported being hit, saw a 80-90% of their visibility improve. But they also said that other sites did not see an improvement.

I spoke with one of those sites (can't disclose, I am sorry) and they said they saw a recovery on October 7th. They even proved it to me, that they fully recovered. So it makes it hard for me to believe the SearchMetrics reports, even if the results are positive or negative.

Yes, Matt Cutts tweeted on October 5th:

Matt Cutts on Panda 2.5 Tweaks
Matt Cutts Tweets

So we know we are expecting updates to Panda 2.5. I doubt this is a "roll back" of it, but tweaks. I have not seen mass reports of recoveries, although I have seen reports of recoveries.

Matt Cutts Provides Support For Banned Site at HackerNews

Many of us know, Google's Matt Cutts latest online hangout is HackerNews, oh, and yes, Google +. I often see Matt Cutts, the head of the Google webspam team, responding to Google complaints at HackerNews and I don't always point them out.

Yesterday, an affiliate driven site posted a complaint at HackerNews, which Matt responded to several times. The responses aren't all that earth shattering to most SEOs, but Matt responding so often is a bit shocking.

Here is a screen shot of the traffic loss specific from Google over time:

Google Ban Traffic Drop
Hacker News

In any event, I figured I quote his responses here, just so many some can learn something from them.
You have an autogenerated web site that consists of practically nothing other than affiliate links to Amazon. You can make an infinite number of autogenerated pages on your site, e.g. each autogenerated page consists of literally hundreds of affiliate links stuffed with keywords for unrelated products.

When Google's webspam team takes action on websites in our websearch index, we can pass that information on to the ads group so they can check for violations. But it's a one-way street: we can send the ads team signals or information about spammers or other violations of our quality guidelines, but the ads team doesn't send information over to the quality/webspam team.
I'm not saying that the issues aren't fixable. But when the site came up for a review, we saw things that violate our quality guidelines: autogenerated pages with hundreds of affiliate links that consist of lots of keywords, and the links/keywords are duplicate content. If he fixes the issues by e.g. blocking out the autogenerated pages, then I expect his homepage will be found in Google. The autogenerated pages are also less useful to someone landing on a page because the pages quickly get stale: prices change, things go in/out of stock, etc.
This is somewhat new, experimentin with 1:1 support over email?
We've also been experimenting with 1:1 support over email, by way of a link in our webmaster console. The tension there is finding a solution that scales. We do try to keep an eye on tweets, blog posts, Google+, Hacker News, and similar places around the web, but that's also hard to scale.
I wouldn't be philosophically opposed to a pay-for-support system if it were done well, but it would be a tricky thing to get right. Normally when we consider it, we end up saying things like "Why don't we just try to make it so that people don't need that option?"
The site was flagged both algorithmically and also escalated to a member of the manual webspam team.The basic philosophy is to do as much as we can algorithmically, but there will always be a residual of hard cases that computers might not do as well at (e.g. spotting hacked sites and identifying the parts of a site that have been hacked). That's where the manual webspam team really adds a lot of value.
In addition to things like removing sites, the data from the manual webspam team is also used to train the next generations of our algorithms. For example, the hacked site data that our manual team produced not only helped webmasters directly, we also used that data to produce an automatic hacked site detector.
If you're interested, I made a video about the interaction between algorithmic and manual spamfighting here:
Those are some select quotes.
Like I said, the one on one support does seem new. Although, I am sure on occasion Google has offered it on a site by site basis.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Deepak Rajput - SEO Expert Andy for a Perfect Training on SEO

Link building India experts build links that are highly competitive and efficient which automatically fall into place resulting in strengthening the core of a website from top to bottom. The links can be one way links, reciprocal links or three way links, but the main focus of these links are that they are so competitive that the website has a lot of back links piling up helping in building its credibility and make it more technically and professionally sound.

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These are 3 main points which a link building India campaign works on. They are :-

They make sure that the site to be worked upon is not surrounded by have websites that have a negative or bad reputation with the search engines because this may lead to a negative impact on the records of the search engines.

They provide you with Permanent one way link placements to help increase your rankings on the SERPs.

Creating high quality content: A quality link building service knows that content creation is synonymous with contextual link building, and the better the content quality, the more back-links that website gets.

Link building India services thus prove to be affordable and efficient in the entire SEO industry which always tries its level best to put in maximum efforts to make the desired website rank top most in the search engines. But the website also has to spend some amount of money to get all the services as desired and decided in the module by the Link Building India Company. Companies in India are reputed for their well planned strategies which they also strictly scrutinize before finally implementing it on the project so that the site has no more hindrances now to keep it from sailing its way to the top. They are very clear about their goals and even to some point quite fidgety about the links that go into a campaign, the way they get positioned and the stability with which they are deployed over the web so that there are not the slightest loop holes.

Deepak Rajput - SEO Outsourcing India Launches Massive SEO and SEM Solutions

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AOL: We Got Matt Cutts (& You've Got to Try Something New)

Matt Cutts, head of webspam at Google, appeared on this morning as part of their "You've got:" series of videos in which well known talking heads and commentators suggest an idea to readers.

The 90 second long video is called "You've got Matt Cutts".

Cutts discussed a subject that many SEW readers will recognize from his personal blog - his 30-day project, in which he has been sharing his experience of trying something new and sticking at it for 30 days, every 30 days.

It's a fun little vignette of the 30 day projects Cutts has personally taken on recently. His advice is to start with "something simple and small like biking to work, not watching TV, giving up caffeine, not doing sugar".

His own projects have led him to create new habits for himself - in particular, walking 10,000 steps a day. Using a pedometer, Cutts increased the average number of steps he took a day by over 300% from 3,000 steps to 10,000. If he did not reach his target, then he would simply go for "a walk around the block" until he had done so.

Of the experience Cutts discusses how these smaller projects helped him gather confidence and momentum to take on bigger projects, saying, "as I took on more and more challenges, I realized I could do more things. I became more confident and in fact last year i ended up climbing mount Kilimanjaro. There's no way I would have done that before."

What are you going to try?

My favorite part of the video are Cutts' closing remarks which give food for thought:

"The next 30 days are going to pass no matter what. Why not try something really easy and new and just give it a shot."

It's true, if you give up the idea of simply 'surviving' the next 30 days, one can be empowered to look at the passage of time as an opportunity rather than something slipping away from you. Also, doing anything regularly for 30 days is meant to be habit forming.

Cutts suggests starting with something "really easy and small, like taking a picture a day" and then when you have gained some momentum, you can take on bigger projects such as "writing an entire novel in one month".

If you read between the lines, Cutt's core message is 'get out there and get involved'. Many of his suggestions are not as hypothetical as they might seem (at first) and actually allude to community projects that already exist on the web, and there is a sense that implicit suggestion is go out and find other people who want to do new things too.

And in so doing, Cutts certainly highlights a cool aspect of the web and social media today. We don't actually need to be at our computers all day and, perhaps counter-intuituvely, the web can actually enable, support and empower us to get active and committed to our personal goals.

If you want support in taking on your personal 30 day goals, you might want to look at the community empowerment site 43 Things. If a daily photo seems like a simple way for you to develop a new habit, you might want to checkout Dailybooth (although there are many daily photo projects taking place on dozens of photo-sharing sites). And if you are ready to write an entire novel in a month, you might want to sign up for who's novel writing 30-day challenge starts next month (Nov 1st).

Deepak Rajput - Beautiful Places Of The World