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Google Keyword Planner Tool Gets New Features

9 Awesome Additions to Google’s Keyword Planner

The keyword planner tool within the Google AdWords console has quietly added nine new features today.

The new features include:

  •     Specify a time period for keyword data
  •     Compare time periods over time
  •     View absolute and relative changes for each ad group and keyword’s volume comparing two periods
  •     Visualizing mobile trends
  •     See breakdowns by device and targeted locations
  •     Flexible time periods
  •     Device segmentation and bid adjustments
  •     Location breakdowns for sub-geos of your targeted location
  •     Visualizations and estimates for sub-geos

                                                             Keyword Planner Update

Google’s Keyword Planner continues to evolve and today 9 new additions to the Keyword Planner began rolling out public.  These new additions bring some serious enhancements to the Planner giving advertisers deeper insight into data over time, mobile trends, mobile device volumes, the effect of mobile bid adjustments, enhanced location breakdown for sub-geos and more.  Each new addition contains an enhanced visual component making data more meaningful at a glance.
Here are the 9 additions in no particular order.
1. Specify a time period.  Keyword suggestions and volume estimates will be provided around the time period specified.  Included will be a graph that provides a visual of changes over time.  Mouse over a bar for details on that months
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Google’s Keyword Planner continues to evolve and today 9 new additions to the Keyword Planner began rolling out public.  These new additions bring some serious enhancements to the Planner giving advertisers deeper insight into data over time, mobile trends, mobile device volumes, the effect of mobile bid adjustments, enhanced location breakdown for sub-geos and more.  Each new addition contains an enhanced visual component making data more meaningful at a glance.

Here are the 9 additions in no particular order.

1. Specify a time period.  Keyword suggestions and volume estimates will be provided around the time period specified.  Included will be a graph that provides a visual of changes over time.  Mouse over a bar for details on that months

2. Period of Time Comparison. We have the ability to perform time period comparisons which are also displayed in a visual graph.

  •     Previous Period:  If the date range is set from January  2014 to March  2014 Google will compare and display results for the previous time period October 2013 to December  2013.
  •     Same period last year:   If your selected period is January 2014 to March 2014 Google will compare with January 2013 to March 2013.
  •     Custom: You create your own custom comparison.

When Compare is set to ON Google will graph the comparison time in a second series for easy visuals.

3. See absolute and relative changes for each ad group and keyword’s volume comparing two periods. You can sort by these columns to understand what keywords are in-flux or on the decline by reviewing total change or percent change.

4. Visualizing mobile trends (below in green) compared to the total volume across all types of devices (below in blue).  When each bar is hovered over volumes will be displayed.

5. See breakdowns by device and targeted locations. This feature provides data with a visual graph allowing advertisers to understand the expected contribution from individual devices.

6. Flexible time periods. In addition to daily estimates, you can scale results to get Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual results.  Advertisers can also specify the period of time on which the estimates are based.

#1 Estimates are based on expected volume for the selected period.

#2 scale based on the time period.

7. Device segmentation and bid adjustments. See a breakdown of volume estimates by device and get estimates specific to mobile bid adjustments.

Device specific estimate breakdowns. Estimates are based on the baseline bid applied to all devices. Add a bid adjustment and adjustments based on the bid adjustment will be provided.

8. Location breakdowns for sub-geos of your targeted location. If you are targeting an area such as the United States you have the following options:

In Blue: Your Targeted Locations -  See estimates for the geographic targeting you have specified.

In Red: Select from one of the automatic breakdowns for further granularity of your targeted location.

9. Visualizations and estimates for sub-geos based on your choice above you will see a visualization depicted below that breaks out locations with volumes. Change your time view as you wish. The example below is for Clicks per quarter.

Some use cases for the above additions are:

  •     Understanding seasonal fluctuations.
  •     Compare date range functionality; month over month, year over year, custom ranges and more.
  •     Identifying mobile trends and opportunities for mobile volume through bid adjustments.
  •     Understand mobile volume trends over time and breakdown by mobile devices.
  •     Investigating locations targeting and impact of traffic volumes by location plus identify opportunities to segment locations for better messaging or bid modification.

How to Install WhatsApp on PC on Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Free Download WhatsApp For PC(Computer), WhatsApp For Windows 7/8/XP

Free Download WhatsApp Setup For PC

How to Install WhatsApp on PC

To download and Install Whatsapp on PC using BlueStacks

Step 1: Download BlueStack (free Windows Application)

Step 2: After Finishing the Download Double Click on Downloaded File, Click Continue, Click Install.

Step 3: Now Download WhatsApp APK File

Step 4: After Finishing the Download Double Click on Downloaded WhatsApp APK file.

Step 5: Now whatsApp will install in your PC.

Step 6: Now Open BlueStacks (Click on BlueStacks icon in your Desktop)

Step 7: Now in BlueStacks >> Click on My Apps.

Step 8: Now you’ll see WhatsApp >> Click on it.

Step 9: Accept Terms and Condition

Step 10: Type your Mobile Number in the Field

Note: First type your Country Code like 91 for India and then your Mobile Number

Step 11: Now WhatsApp will try to verify your number, but it will show fail message.

Step 12: Now click on Call Me >> You’ll receive a automatic call with a confirmation number, write down that number .

Step 13: Now type the received number in verification field and your done!

Enjoy WhatsApp on  PC!

If you get any error feel free to ask below

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Google Update Brewing?

The ongoing Webmaster World thread has been pretty active with webmaster chatter since Sunday, when I went offline for two days.

It also appears that the automated tracking tools are seeing nice spikes over the past couple of days including Mozcast, and SERP Metrics. Although algoroo doesn't seem to agree.

About ten days ago we thought we saw a Panda refresh but Google would not confirm it.
Are you noticing fluctuations in your Google rankings and referrals? More @

Google's Matt Cutts On How To Buy Domain Names

Google's Matt Cutts posted a video on the question How can I research a domain that I may want to purchase?

Matt Cutts gave a few tips on what to do, what steps to take, when researching a domain name buy.

(1) Do a site command and if no content is found, that can be a bad thing. Of course, if the domain name was never registered or is new or is parked, then it is likely no content will be found. But if it is buying someone else's domain name, then no content found is a red flag.

(2) Search for the domain name without the .com and see what people wrote about it. See if there are bad stories on it. See if someone went around and did a lot of spamming.

(3) Use to see the site before you owned it. Did it look spammy?

(4) Ask to see Google Webmaster Tools and look for messages and stats there.

(5) Ask to see Google Analytics or other analytics they may use.

Now if you do buy a domain name that has issues, then you can submit a reconsideration request. Matt Cutts said that before you do that, ask yourself why you bought the domain name. Was it for links and rankings or just because you like the domain name. If it was for links, typically those links will not help you. You may want to disavow all those links and go forward with the reconsideration request to start new.

Here is the video:

What are The Fabulous Destinations for Holidays in India?

India could be a country with outstanding diversity. the variety of this country is discovered in its geographics, culture, tradition, dialects and languages. because of wonderful cultural and geographical options, the country has been one among the foremost asked for countries within the world once it involves select simply the proper country for vacation journeys. There area unit several fabulous vacation destinations during this country which magnetize the vacationers from everywhere the planet. Have a glance at a number of the foremost common and fabulous destinations for marvelous holidaying in India.

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Padesh is considered one among the foremost stunning and enticing states in Asian country. it's situated within the foothills of the nice chain of mountains. The state is home to several picturesque hill stations that have created this state an exquisite destination for vacation journeys in Asian country. Shimla (the capital town of the state), Manali, Dalhousie, Kullu, Dharamshala, Kasauli, etc area unit common places within the state that lure the tourists and vacationers from everywhere the state. because of serene beauty and beautiful landscapes, the state is extremely common among honeymooners. The state is additionally very hip among journey enthusiasts. variety of mountain journey sports and out of doors activities is enjoyed here.


Rajasthan, the land of kings, is India's largest state. it's been very hip among vacationers attributable to monument attractions. There area unit several impressive forts, palaces, temples, mansions and historical sites situated through out the state that have created it common among tourists. Jaipur (the capital town of the state), Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Mandawa, etc area unit distinguished traveler places within the state. The state is additionally better-known for life sanctuaries and national parks. there's Ranthambore park during this state that is considered one among the simplest places in Asian country to envision the royal Bengal tigers within the jungle. The state is additionally famed for desert charm. Tourists will fancy riffle sand dunes by exciting artiodactyl campaign rides on the desert. Heritage hotels also are attractions for vacationers.


Goa is India's smallest state. it's emerged because the synonyms for holidays in Asian country. it's common among vacationers attributable to stunning beaches, luxurious beach resorts, historical monuments and complex churches and convents. If you're searching for beach vacation in Asian country then state is that the excellent place for you. a range of water sports can also be enjoyed throughout vacation journeys in state, India.

There area unit more destinations for Asian country holidays. Kerala, geographic region depression, Ladakh, Agra, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc area unit another common destinations which may be explored throughout vacation tours in India.

Find The Best Way of Celebrating Your Indian Holidays in Jaipur

Surrounded by craggy hills and topped with forts and palace, Jaipur is that the most renowned traveler destination among the globally tourists WHO want to pay their holidays in sheer elegance, the capital of Indian colourful state Rajasthan. Jaipur is additionally called pink town. the foremost exciting town as Jaipur was supported by King Swai Jai Singh in 1727 A.D., it's the primary scientifically planned town in Rajasthan, India. In Jaipur there area unit several historical places to go to throughout your holidays Travel Asian country.

The foremost sight attractions for example the Amber fort, Jaigarh fort, Nahargarh fort, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Chandra Mahal, Laxmi Narayan Temple, rule Mahal Palace, Govind Deoji Mandir, Kanak natural depression and Rambagh Palace be a spotlight for travelers to go to this historical town once more and once more. what is more, town palace Jaipur exhibits a splendid mix of ancient Rajasthani culture and Mughal workmanship that catch the eye of holiday makers round the globe for feeling the spirit of innovative Asian country.

With the exception of historical forts and palaces, spectacular heritage hotels and gardens, Jaipur offers a selection of fairs and festivals. These festivals embrace Kite competition, Elephant festival; Teej competition and Gangaur competition area unit celebrated with folks dance and totally different music programs. Semi-precious stones, handicraft and cultural things conjointly draw your attention to its colourful streets and bazaars. additionally, get pleasure from elephant ride at Amber fort transforms your holidays in journey tour.

The nearest one amongst the Seven Wonders of the globe mausoleum and Fatehpur Sikari adds new horizons to its importance. whether or not golden triangle tours to north Asian country or luxury train tours, Jaipur has pinnacle right of means on the route of every kind of Rajasthan tour packages.

Deepak Rajput could be a well-known attraction in conjunction with associate degree intimate author in Travel & touristry connected topics. He has written many books on Asian country Tour Packages, Glimpse of metropolis Hotels, Golden Triangle Tours etc.

Some Exciting Jaipur Holiday Packages in India

Jaipur, known as because the Pink town, may be a acknowledge traveller destination settled within the Indian State of Rajasthan. several tourists from all round the world come back to go to this lovely town, replete with palaces and monuments. There area unit variety of operators UN agency prepare for Jaipur vacation packages for a large vary of tourists.

Most of the packages offered area unit luxury packages which can take you on a lovely tour to the present beautiful and picturesque town. All of the Jaipur packages embrace a requirement visit to town Palace, one amongst the glorious marvels of town.

Dotted with lovely forts and buildings, Jaipur causes you to have confidence the fearless Rajputs. Jaipur commercial enterprise has been on the increase ever since the govt. began to revamp town with reconstructing and renovating previous buildings.

The new town of Jaipur appearance therefore lovely that you simply can fall taken with at the sight of it! Jaipur Hub may be a traveller operator UN agency offers some special Jaipur packages. you may be visiting the necessary forts and palaces and travel is organized for in an exceedingly Royal Luxury Train. The package price are provided for the asking. smart cordial reception is provided by the hotels wherever you get accommodated.

Indian vacation may be a personal traveller operator providing a number of the simplest Jaipur vacation packages. You get to style your own package by prescribing the length and also the hotels that you simply need to remain at. All of the package's prices area unit comprehensive of taxes. Breakfast and dinner are provided on all the times of the tour. associate English speaking guide can accompany you for making known the places and their significance. Jaipur commercial enterprise has taken ample care regarding the accommodations during this town. All of the hotels area unit well built; housing well well-appointed rooms replete with trendy facilities.

STIC Tours and Travels arranges for a few handy Jaipur packages. The packages area unit all comprehensive of applicable taxes. The package price are provided for the asking relying upon the sort of package that you simply would like. Most of the operators providing Jaipur vacation packages embrace handy tour itinerary, covering the wondrous spots within the town. you may get to remain at the simplest of hotels within the town. All commutation is organized in air conditioned coaches. This tour can offer you an opportunity for a detailed encounter with the Rajputani culture and their way

Deepak Rajput is associate associate editor for Holidays Packages. Get all potential info regarding Jaipur Packages and Jaipur vacation Packages. we tend to additionally give info regarding on-line edifice reservation, Flights Booking and vacation Packages in India.

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