Monday, September 8, 2014

8 Tools to Boost Your Marketing & SEO Strategies

If you have got expertise with computer programme optimisation (SEO), you presumably acknowledge and use tools like Google Adwords, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, and-or Open website someone. However, there area unit a mess of effective tools offered that you simply might not have detected this will give you with superior and distinctive insights and options. creating use of those tools will offer you a serious competitive advantage and build your life easier in terms of your time and resource management.

Below I give transient descriptions of eight tools that I realize area unit underutilized by today’s on-line marketers. though several of those tools have similar options, all of them have distinctive qualities and area unit value searching for if you wish to spice up your digital selling and SEO ways.

Screaming Frog

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider tool could be a downloadable desktop app that may crawl your web site and provides you – in an exceedingly list format – careful reports on however your pages and links area unit acting compared to your competitors. It primarily acts as a research larva. One key advantage of the tool is that it simplifies broken link identification and repair. This tool is obtainable for each mackintosh and Windows users. If you utilize the free version, there'll be a limit on what percentage pages you'll be able to crawl.

Raven Tools

This suite of over thirty tools can assist you manage most or all of your on-line selling endeavors in one location. Raven permits you to run PPC campaigns, track your ROI, manage your social networks, check for broken links, and far additional. a serious strength of Raven lies in its coverage capabilities. The branded reports area unit straightforward to supply and that they have an expert, organized look. These reports area unit nice for an outsized workplace setting. Raven Tools offers AN iPad application for the mobile vendor still.

Market Samurai

This tool is nice for keyword competition analysis as a result of it offers the clearest image I’ve seen on the computer programme rank potential of keywords. you'll be able to see UN agency is ranking high on Google victimization specific keywords and you'll be able to simply recognize whether or not or not you'll be able to beat their rank. Market Samurai’s Keyword huntsman can filter results victimization solely the words you give and it'll tell you the way abundant traffic you must receive from the urged keywords. additionally, you'll be able to use the tool to stay track of however your keywords area unit ranking in search results.

Adobe Analytics (formerly SiteCatalyist)

This selling intelligence product is Adobe’s answer to Google Analytics. The tool is an element of the Adobe on-line suite of promoting merchandise and it helps you quickly read thorough insights concerning user behavior on your website. What makes Adobe Analytics distinctive is that it tracks the entire path of a user on your website and you'll be able to see that pages area unit the foremost in style. However, in terms of overall comparison, there's not abundant that Adobe Analytics offers in terms of success metrics that Google Analytics doesn't.


Have you developed a mobile application? scrutinize Countly if you'd prefer to monitor what users do within your app. Countly is AN open supply analytics application that tracks time period knowledge. you'll be able to customise your reports along with your disapproval still. Countly permits you ten thousand free sessions per month and installation is free.

SEM Rush

Another great tool once it involves competitive keyword analysis. SEM Rush can offer you a transparent plan of what keywords your competitors area unit victimization and the way abundant success they're having. Having already witnessed the success or failure of every one, you'll be able to target a similar or similar keywords. you'll be able to use it to research your own text still and develop reports. SEM Rush has several different SEO-based options and there's a free version offered.

Majestic SEO

This is a tool for comprehensive backlink analysis. Majestic SEO provides you distinctive insights on your backlinks that you simply might not realize victimization different tools. this can be as a result of Majestic SEO revises its huge index throughout the day so your info is totally up-to-date. The tool provides you careful info on the standard of your backlinks with reference to SEO. However, victimization Majestic SEO might not be ideal for one vendor. it's helpful for those wanting to analyze massive knowledge collections (for example: marketers analyzing backlinks for many clients).


Woorank has several options that may assist you actually perceive your house on-line. One notable feature is Woorank’s ability to match your {site|website|web website} to each site on the net in terms of the quantity of visits you get (for example: “You area unit the ten,000,000 most visited website online”). Woorank can tell you the way in style you're on social media, your Google index ranking, and your page rank in search engines. the best facet of Woorank is that it'll advocate a personalised piecemeal complete selling guide to boost your on-line standing.

Listed higher than area unit some of the many tools that may be accustomed enhance your selling and SEO ways. What tools does one use that you simply failed to realize on my list?