Friday, December 25, 2015

Gold iPhone 5 Deals - iPhone With A New Identity

Introducing “Bling” for your iPhone, iPad and Electronics: Did you ever wonder what would happen if King Midas and Apple got together, what the next iPhone might look like? Now you don’t have to wonder anymore. We’ve brought the decadence of pure gold plating upgrades to your iPhone, iPad, iMac or other electronics. This is not a plastic imitation, but the real thing. Pure GOLD. It’s a rare luxury and a unique service which will make you stand out from the crowd. All of our gold upgrades come with an exclusive lifetime guarantee.It makes for a great, gift too.

Simply fill out the on-line form here a and then pack up your iPhone, iPad, iMac or other item to be transformed into gold, and send us the package via DHL Courier. We’ll confirm your product has arrived safe and sound and within a few days time – we’ll begin the process of transforming your case into gold. Then we’ll pack it back up carefully and return it to your door. We have a few very rare offerings such as this 7-carat diamond studded 22-carat gold finish case. The edges of this are encrusted with the world’s finest VS1 diamonds and the case comes with a polished mirror finish on the back. Luxury Gifts and 24k Gold Plating Services.

This design is strictly limited to just 10 hand-crafted pieces which will make this the 10 most expensive and rarest iPhones in the Universe. If your name isn’t Donald Trump or Bill Gates, then this offer might intrigue you. The Elite Gold iPhone 5 case is less lavish as the iPhone Diamond Elite as this features 24-carat gold plate and no diamonds. Simply elegant, this genuine gold iPhone 5 case will dazzle and amaze your colleagues and friends. As with the Diamond Elite, this too is strictly limited and to just 50 units total.We realise that there are many BlackBerry addicts out there and we have a special Bling upgrade for you, too. Presented for your selection, we offer a “sport” model and a standard gold “bling” upgrade. BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9981:This features black and trims of gold, reminiscing a classic clean, Porsche inspired design. Forged in stainless steel, and plated in 24 ct gold – it is trimmed in black leather for the back. Strictly limited to just (10) units.

BlackBerry Bold 9900 24ct. Gold Edition: A simpler form of pure elegance, this model features the classic gold plate back and front for your BlackBerry. iPad Bling Models (complete iPads):This is the complete iPad, gold finish and all. It comes plated in the finest gold and the back is a polished mirror finish. Your friends will think you dug this up at King Tut’s tomb. The iPad features the ultra-sharp Retain display and a 5 megapixel iSight camera.We offer this in two models, (1) Platinum and (2) Gold.

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