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Link Building Via Blog Comments- Power Tips & Tricks!


One of the easiest ways to get loads of targeted visitors is via blog comments. Commenting on blogs can be fun, and is one of the amazing ways to drive traffic to your business!

When talking about commenting on blogs, let me tell you that I am really against promotional messages. Here I want to give more emphasis on posting quality content and information that will benefit others. This is the perfect way to bring loads of traffic to your blog.

These days, many blogs are enabled with comment moderation. This feature ensures that the comment won't be published until it gets approved from the owner itself. So if your comment is spammy, trust me, there are chances that it won't get published!

The only way you can get success is to post on blogs that receive good traffic. It is really hard to find these blogs. But if you would go with my advise then I would recommend doing a search such as: "your niche + blog" on Google and find the ones that seems to be really popular.

If you want to gain more amount of traffic, then it is recommended that you should create your blog and market it! Post it up to blog directories. Make sure to invite your visitors to comment on your blog. You can also run your own community and secretly advertise the thing! SECRETLY!

Link Building Via Blog Comments

Here is a list of "not to do" when you indulge yourself in commenting on blogs.
  • Never write "nice post" or "I agree" and never follow these comments with a link. It will become obvious that you are trying to get the juice out of these comments… just try leaving these kinds of comments on any blog and they will be deleted. That's for sure.
  • Make sure the content of your comment is of "quality value." Mis-information, any kind of grammatical errors, or even bad language, written in an unprofessional way will reflect badly on you. It will only do more harm than good.
  • Never overload the text with an ocean of keywords… The owner will surely get to know that it is advertising done in some other format.. Do not think that it is you who knows the ABC of keywords.. everyone else does!
  • Never post your comments all at once. When I get to notice that the same person XYZ is indulged in commenting on a number of posts, all in a row, then I make myself pretty aware that this person is FAKE!
  • It is never advised that one should post the same comment across multiple blogs. Use variations…
Let us have a look at as to what all we can do in order to enhance the quality of our search!

A. To find the blogs that are relevant to your niche, you can add keywords like:
"how to" +"keyword phrase"
"problem" +keyword

B. To search for the "help" words in the post title, you can add these in titles: to your search query
intitle:"how to" "keywords"
intitle:"how can I" "keywords"
intitle:"tutorial" "keywords"

C. One can even search for the blog posts where some discussions are going on…
intitle:"problem" +keyword +"1 comment"
"tutorial" +keyword +"2 comments"

Doing these can prove to be really beneficial as far as your business enhancement is concerned! So what are you waiting for.. posting Blog Comments can be really tedious.. But if it is done in the right way!!!

Google: Comment Spamming Other Sites Might Lower Down Your Own Site Rankings!

In a recent Google Webmaster Blog post, a detailed information is given about how comment spamming can lower the rankings of any website in particular.

When someone posts a comment that is both irrelevant and posted just to pass the link so as to increase the number of inbound links to their website in particular, the rankings of both the sites will get affected in the process. This is applicable for those comments only that hold no relevance to the post and are completely unnecessary.


If you think a suspicious link has come from blogs and other platforms, you should check the URLs. In case you have created a spammy link, delete it or contact the webmaster to get it removed. After deleting the spammy inbound links, you can send a reconsideration request at Google Webmaster support. If you own a site that receives lot of comment spams daily, here are a few things you should do:
  •  Disallow all the anonymous postings.
  • Turn on the comment moderation option.
  • Disallow all the hyperlinks in comments.
  • You should CAPTCHAs and other methods for preventing automated comment spamming.
  • Use robots.txt or meta tags for blocking comment pages.
  • You can also use “nofollow” attribute for linking in comment field.

10 Of The Best SEO Keyword Selector Tools!

Using appropriate keywords are immensely crucial to the ranking of the site you are working on. Imagine a site which has the coolest Flash applications, great and unique content, the best products and services. However, without appropriate keywords, it would hardly ever have a good rank in the Google SERPs! And what about domains and keywords listed in them? This is why Keyword selector tools help us in understanding and analyzing the market while also capitalizing on its benefits. Mentioned below is a list of 10 best keyword selector tools for SEO in alphabetical order: Ask: Run a search for say, 'Search Engine Optimization' in Ask.com. On the left side of the SERPs, you will find a segment titled 'Narrow Your Search,' that has links to all many search terms related to 'Search Engine Optimization'. Use these as keywords. Ask gives you refined SERPs through searching further with this feature. However, many may find this time-consuming. Also, it does not feature volume of traffic.


Compete: Compete offers three main features Keyword referral, Site referral and Compare sites. Keyword referral tells the most recommended domains for certain search terms and queries. In site referral, you tupe in a domain to find out the most referred phrases or search terms. And, in compare sites, you type in 2 domains to know the comparison for keyword referrals. With compete, you do gain a lot of insight on how your competition is faring but it doesn't give you ideas on how to take advantage of the data you get. In case you don't have other alternative analysis tools and you do not mind paying up, its good enough. Else, don't.


Digital point's Keyword suggestion Tool: Digital point's Keyword suggestion Tool incorporates the results of both Overture and Wordtracker's free tool. When you type a phrase, say 'Search Engine Optimization,' and press enter, the site returns two tabular lists of both Overture & Wordtracker information. When you think about it, there couldn't have been a better tool as no keyword is better than the one that brings in most traffic as Overture's tool shows daily results while Wordtracker's free tool shows results of every 6 months. Again, as it feature's Wordtracker's free tool, the results are limited.


Google Adwords Keyword Tool: The Google Adwords Keyword Tool benefits not just Google AdWords advertisers & AdSense publishers but laypeople like us SEO professionals too. As soon as you type a query, say "Search Engine optimization," it gives long tabular list of keyword variations. Okay, no great shakes! Its the next features, that bring home 1st prize- Search volume and average search volume. It shows how the potential keyword you will use is faring in comparison to 'Search Volume' and 'Avg. Search Volume.'


Google Suggest labs: When it first emerged, I thought it was a really nifty tool. Not only does it try to complete the term for you, it also shows the number of results for each keyword. Obviously, it goes without saying that these are helpful keyword alternatives. As for its disadvantage, Google search toolbar offers almost the same features now.


Google Trends Labs: Type two terms, say "Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Optimisation" in the query box and it gives a graphical representation about those 2 terms. You can put in 5 search terms at one go. You can also find out about the relevance of the search terms as it displays the frequency in which the respective topics have appeared in Google News. Additionally, it also tells in which location, people have searched for them most. Beyond this, it serves no benefits. The disadvantage is that, only popular terms are served here. Not good if you are looking for a long tail!


Keyword Discovery Tool: Keyword Discovery is one of the more popular keyword selector tools. It has many excellent features and if you are willing to cough up $49.95 per month, you can get over 1800 phrases! Keyword Discover Tool lets you search specific results of keyword terms in different countries. For eg- A search for 'search engine optimization' in Australia had '9,164' results while in the UK its had just '16'. This tool is helpful if you want to export keyword data and then later import keyword data into other tools that will provide this kind of intelligence.


MS Adlabs Search Funnels: Use this in Internet Explorer and not in Firefox, as more features are available in the former. Type a query and choose from Funnel in or Funnel out. Funnel in will run a search where the results will show all things users searched for before say, typing "Search Engine Optimization". In the outgoing funnel, the results show is a search that starts with the keyword; for example, an outgoing funnel for "Search Engine Optimization" displays all the queries that customers searched after searching for "Search Engine Optimization". The main benefit of Search Funnel is that you can visualize and study behaviour of prospective clients' incoming and outgoing search terms. Disadvantage is that, it can take long to learn and use.


NicheBot: Nichebot's results combines the intelligence of Overture, Keyword Discovery and Wordtracker. That's not all, besides the aforementioned three, you can perform 3 more searches on Thesaurus, Lateralus and Google ranking. In simple words, for $9.95, you can have results of 6 searches and that is really a good deal. However, Nichebot can get slow sometimes and it would only be good to use if it was little cheap!


Word Tracker's Free Tool: Granddaddy of all. Wordtracker is home to 340 million search queries. Use it to discover the most appropriate keywords for your website. This even features a misspelling search which helps you find misspelled keywords. This will ensure your website ranks high in SERPs. The biggest disadvantage is that, its not for free.


Yahoo! Buzz: As the name suggests, Yahoo! Buzz provides readers and everyone with the latest stories, most searched items, top daily searches and the top percentage movers. SEO can take advantage of these features by analyzing the results. This way, you know which domains to register for. As helpful as it is, remember that it will only benefit you if you are seeking the 'percentage of users searching for that subject' within the US alone.


What do we use at http://deepakrajput86.blogspot.com/ for keyword research? Our favorites are Ask, Digital point's Keyword suggestion Tool, Google Adwords Keyword Tool, MS Adlabs Search Funnels and Word Tracker.

20 Free Best Press Release Distribution Sites!

We write press release to disclose and spread a news amongst readers. Press releases are becoming a successful way of Internet advertising. These not only provide valuable inbound links, but also increases traffic and thus your chances of getting located by search engines. But, all your efforts will get waste if the press release is not newsworthy or if it is distributed via a non-credible PR distribution site. There are only a few PR services providers who can provide you maximum visibility and credibility on the Internet. Follow these guidelines while choosing a press release distribution site:
  • You should use a site that has a Google pagerank of 4 and above because sites with no pagerank will lower the credibility of the PR.
  • Approach a site that allows you to optimize the press release for search engines by using header tags, tagging, anchor text and other SEO techniques.
  • Keep away from sites that use NoFollow tags. These tags are inserted into website code in order to stop the search engine from finding the site.
So, here are a few press release sites that provide both free and paid distribution services. The list will help you in finding a reliable PR distribution service provider who will get you maximum visibility on the World Wide Web.
Press Release Sites-
  1. Free-Press-Release.com – PageRank 5- The best part of using it is that you can place banners on the press release that will point to your website. The paid service offered by this website has better ranking and many SEO benefits.
  2. Free-Press-Box.com – PageRank 5- Submitting your press release on to this site is really easy. It accepts free submissions as well as paid submissions.
  3. Free-Press-Index.com – PageRank 4- This PR site allows for instant submissions for free with inbound links to your site in place. For the paid service, they charge close $60, and distribute the release among 250,000 subscribers and journalists.
  4. NewswireToday.com - PageRank 6- The design of website is not good and you will difficulty in navigation also. It offers common free distribution tools and the premium service will enable you to give logo, product picture and insert other features in the press release.
  5. 1888PressRelease.com - PageRank 5- The site has good page rank and also gets good traffic. Active links are allowed. If you opt for their paid service, the placement will be better and you will get features like image galleries & permanent archiving.
  6. I-Newswire.com - PageRank 6- You get free PR distribution option to sites and search engines. If you opt for premium membership, the only difference is that you can add graphics on the PR.
  7. SB Wire.com - PageRank 4- It is specially dedicated site to small to medium-sized businesses. With the free service you can submit your press release and get connected to bloggers in your niche. For the paid program, they offer many packages starting from $14.95 to $99.95 (for unlimited search engine friendly releases).
  8. Free-Press-Release-Center.info - PageRank 4- It is a clean looking site and the increasing traffic level will increase the pagerank soon. You can do PR submission and distribution, include one link with the anchor text while availing free service. The paid service enables you to give three links, permanent archiving and has many more features.
  9. Online-PR-News.com - PageRank 5- The free submission service allows you to give one live link in the contact information area, you can have a search engine friendly title and meta. These releases will be archived. The paid submissions include social sharing buttons, and you can place 3 anchor text links, and also spice up your release with a suitable image.
  10. Add-PR.com - PageRank 3- This is a site, that allows only free PR submissions. You can leave a live link in the contact details section. The site is clean and crisp, and allows the exposure to potentially thousands of Internet media outlets.
  11. Big-News.biz – PageRank 4- This free submission site allows for easy registration, and you can quickly start on submitting your release. It allows for a link in the contact details section.
  12. News-By-Company.com - PageRank 3- This is free press release site, for small and medium business enterprises. It allows for a link in the anchor text and one in the contact information section. The interface is clean and the site has good credibility.
  13. PRLog.org - PageRank 6- It is an ordinary and functional looking site but results are good. It gives free distribution service for Google News and other search engines. Inbound links are allowed and the site is also properly optimized for search engines. You can schedule the press release.
  14. Wide-PR.com - PageRank 4- This free PR site is pretty good with its services, as with every free submissions, you get live links automatically integrated into your free press release. You can also load 3 images and also your company logo. Needless to say you can use optimized tags and keywords.
  15. Press-Release-Point.com - PageRank 5- This is a free site where you can sign up for either distribution of the release or for writing releases or both. It allows for 4 links in the body and 3 links in the contact section.
  16. OpenPR.com - PageRank 5-This service distribution site is based in Germany. It provides free submission and distribution along with SEO benefits.
Paid Press Release Distribution Sites-
  1. PRLeap.com - PageRank 5-The site is said to deliver reasonable results. It is nice and clean. The price of press release starts from $49 – $149, depending on the level of service you have opted for. The distribution is done on search engines, RSS feeds and newswires. .
  2. Press-Media-Wire.com - PageRank 4- This paid submission site offers three packages ranging from $19 to $99 per release. They assure you visibility with tools like video and pictures.
  3. PR-Fire.co.uk - PageRank 5- This paid site offers tailor made packages from £299, where they do all the work from sourcing a story to the final copy. They also allow for a free submission onto their site.
  4. PR.com - PageRank 6- The domain name is superb but you can say the services are not so appealing. The site has one free basic service and two paid services of $199 and $499. You can give full company profile by taking paid option.
Getting media coverage is the best form of marketing, but you need to make efforts to get good coverage. Choose the press release distribution site carefully, especially when you are paying for the service.

As an internet marketing expert, you must focus on the PR sites listed above to reap the maximum benefits of reaching out to the targeted audience.

It's Happening Already- Google+ Brand Pages Start Showing Up In SERPs!

Google+ Pages for business and their related data are now showing up in Google's organic search listing, as All About Content reported. Now, signed in users can see the “Add to Circles” option in the search listings, while the non signed in users, get to see the posts and the Google+ page in the search results.

The only hitch in this is that only the brands that have been approved for Direct Connect are showing up in search results. So, if your Page is not “Verified,” it will not show in SERPs as of now.

The 'Add To Circles' Button:

The searchers logged into Google will see the recent Google+ posts and a hard to miss “Add To Circles” button beside the Google+ posts. Once you click on the button, you will have the choice of choosing the Circle there and then, to which you want to add the page to. See how the verified page of Burberry shows up in results with a prominent 'Add To Circles' button.


The Google+ Posts:

For the users, not signed in, or not even having a Google+ account can see the Google+ posts in their search listing. The brands that have verified pages, and have direct connect enabled, will show up in search results. At present the Google+ posts are right underneath the sitelinks. See that even when not logged in the two most recent updates on the Google+ page of Burberry are showing up in search listings.


 If you want your brand page to show up too, then enable Direct Connect for your page, and see your page coming up in SERPs. For more on Google+ Pages for business.

10 New Google Algorithm Tweaks Include Higher Rank For 'Official' Pages And Improved Snippets!

Whenever Google makes a change in its search algorithm, it makes for big news. The search engine has recently revealed a compilation of the latest algorithmic tweaks it has made. Google's Matt Cutts, has posted a blog about the recent 10 algorithm changes made by Google.

As Matt says, “We make roughly 500 changes to our search algorithm in a typical year. Our goal is to make search run so smoothly, you don't even notice the changes. That said, we like giving you insights into what we're doing behind the search results you see each day. Today on Inside Search, we've posted a recap of some of the algorithmic changes we’ve made over just the past couple weeks. ”

Google has been working all through this year to provide some insights to site owners, as to how the search engine works it algorithms, and even released a video of the same recently. And now it has released this information about the ten tweaks made to the search algorithm in the past couple of weeks.
  • Cross-language information retrieval updates: This tweak assured that the English web pages were translated into certain languages and displayed right below the English titles in search results. The languages for which this feature is available are: Afrikaans, Malay, Slovak, Swahili, Hindi, Norwegian, Serbian, Catalan, Maltese, Macedonian, Albanian, Slovenian, Welsh, Icelandic.
    SEO Interpretation- This tweak by Google allows marketers to reach newer markets, that were cut off due to language boundaries.
  • Snippets with more page content and less header/menu content: Google made this tweak in order to help itself in determining more relevant text to use in snippets. Now, armed with a clearer understanding of the web page structure, Google will pick the text from the page, and not just the header.
    SEO Interpretation-It comes to quality content. You cannot get around much by manipulating header descriptions, and alt and meta tags. You have to have relevant and quality content on the right pages of your site. Now you know why quality content is important, ever since the Panda struck.
  • Better page titles in search results by de-duplicating boilerplate anchors: Google generates a page's title based on a number of signals, one of them being the anchor text. The search engine does not consider the boilerplate links with duplicated anchor text as relevant. As a result it chooses the titles that are relevant to the page’s content.
    SEO Interpretation- Anchor texts are used by Google, we have known it forever, and that is why backlinks become so important for SEO. With this information laid out by Google, it is clear that site wide linking (in headers, footers and blog rolls) will not lead to any better ranking. This means that paid linking sites that give links to blog rolls are useless now.
  • Length-based autocomplete predictions in Russian: This algorithmic tweak is applicable to the long arbitrary query predictions in Russian. Google will no longer make long predictions in Russian.
    SEO Interpretation-There is not much here for SEOs. Good usage update for Russian users though.
  • Extending application rich snippets: Google's rich snippets for applications enables users to view comprehensive search results while searching for software applications. The search results show cost and user reviews with the listings.
    SEO Interpretation- If you are doing the SEO for any software company, you better get down to writing rich snippets for your applications. This will ensure you ranking high, and even luring customers to explore your site. You must input as much information about you product as possible apart from alt tags, meta tags and descriptions.
  • Retiring a signal in Image search: Google has done away with the signal in Image Search related to images that had references from multiple documents on the web.
    SEO Interpretation- This tweak is aimed to improve image search function. But this can also be an attempt to lower the prominence of images with links and descriptions belonging to the many free image sites on the web. One can influence search results for images by placing an image across all the free image hosting sites. Maybe Google is trying to decrease the link juice from sites like Flicker, Dailymotion etc.
  • Fresher, more recent results: This “Freshness” tweak was introduced quite recently by Google, and threw considerable importance on fresh content. Google has updated its Caffeine algorithm used to rank fresh content. The change has had an impact on 35% of total searches.
    SEO Interpretation- This tweak has its message for search experts loud and clear- updating the content daily is a must for websites now. In order to rank well in the SERP’s, the webmasters have to take up blogging and social media on war footing levels.
  • Refining official page detection: Google has always stressed the importance of relevant and authoritative results. This tweak is to help Google determine which pages of a brand or a business are the official ones, and they will rank higher in search results.
    SEO Interpretation-If you are handling the search for a branded site, then this update is a really good news for you! But if you are handling a comparatively new name in the niche, then this tweak works against you, as you will face difficulty in entering highly competitive niches. The official sites will get better ranks, and the industry giants get a stronger hold on search results too!
  • Improvements to date-restricted queries: This tweak has altered how Google handles freshness for queries in the case a user has chosen a specific date range. Now the user will get more relevant results pertaining to the specified date range.
    SEO Interpretation- News sites will get more prominence now, as will sites that list current events and up to date content. This is somewhat in line with the Freshness update, where the users target news as it is happening.
  • Prediction fix for IME queries: This tweak is specific for non English speaking users and improves how Autocomplete handles IME queries (queries which contain non-Latin characters). Say goodbye to gibberish predictions for Hebrew, Russian and Arabic now!
  • SEO Interpretation-Nothing much for search experts here, just that the user experience for non English speaking users will get better.
Why Has Google Done This?

This blog revealing the tweaks in the closely guarded Google algorithm has given way to several theories as to why has Google done this sort of compilation now? Is this move by Google done to silence the allegations of secrecy and cheating that were laid against it. Is this the Google way of ensuring the antitrust regulators that it is not biased toward its own operations.

Matt Cutts, tries to play down the purpose by saying, “For those of us working in search every day, we think this stuff is incredibly exciting but then again, we’re big search geeks. Let us know what you think and we’ll consider publishing more posts like this in the future. ”

By the way, we could not help but notice the new designation adorning Matt's name in the post- 'Distinguished Engineer'. Looks like the head of the Google spam team, is now a Distinguished Engineer. Congrats on the promotion Matt!

What do you think of these 10 tweaks? Do share your views.