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How to Redirect my website from non www to www with htaccess?

How to Redirect non-www to www in .htaccess?
Redirecting non-www to www with .htaccess. How?
How to force www or non-www in htaccess?
How to redirect non-www URLs to www?
non www to www htaccess wordpress
htaccess non www to www 301
htaccess www to non www https

This is a more generic solution, because it can be used with any domain name without having to specify the specific domain name in each .htaccess:

# Redirect non-www to www:
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\. [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.%{HTTP_HOST}/$1 [R=301,L]

The contrary is also possible (www to non-www):

# Redirect www to non-www
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.(.*) [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://%1/$1 [R=301,L]

Another Way to Redirect

I think it may just be that your existing rule is too strict, and is not getting triggered in your sub-directory because of this. Something like this should work site-wide:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^example\.com$

RewriteRule ^(.*) http://www.example.com/$1 [R=301]

Monday, September 8, 2014

8 Tools to Boost Your Marketing & SEO Strategies

If you have got expertise with computer programme optimisation (SEO), you presumably acknowledge and use tools like Google Adwords, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, and-or Open website someone. However, there area unit a mess of effective tools offered that you simply might not have detected this will give you with superior and distinctive insights and options. creating use of those tools will offer you a serious competitive advantage and build your life easier in terms of your time and resource management.

Below I give transient descriptions of eight tools that I realize area unit underutilized by today’s on-line marketers. though several of those tools have similar options, all of them have distinctive qualities and area unit value searching for if you wish to spice up your digital selling and SEO ways.

Screaming Frog

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider tool could be a downloadable desktop app that may crawl your web site and provides you – in an exceedingly list format – careful reports on however your pages and links area unit acting compared to your competitors. It primarily acts as a research larva. One key advantage of the tool is that it simplifies broken link identification and repair. This tool is obtainable for each mackintosh and Windows users. If you utilize the free version, there'll be a limit on what percentage pages you'll be able to crawl.

Raven Tools

This suite of over thirty tools can assist you manage most or all of your on-line selling endeavors in one location. Raven permits you to run PPC campaigns, track your ROI, manage your social networks, check for broken links, and far additional. a serious strength of Raven lies in its coverage capabilities. The branded reports area unit straightforward to supply and that they have an expert, organized look. These reports area unit nice for an outsized workplace setting. Raven Tools offers AN iPad application for the mobile vendor still.

Market Samurai

This tool is nice for keyword competition analysis as a result of it offers the clearest image I’ve seen on the computer programme rank potential of keywords. you'll be able to see UN agency is ranking high on Google victimization specific keywords and you'll be able to simply recognize whether or not or not you'll be able to beat their rank. Market Samurai’s Keyword huntsman can filter results victimization solely the words you give and it'll tell you the way abundant traffic you must receive from the urged keywords. additionally, you'll be able to use the tool to stay track of however your keywords area unit ranking in search results.

Adobe Analytics (formerly SiteCatalyist)

This selling intelligence product is Adobe’s answer to Google Analytics. The tool is an element of the Adobe on-line suite of promoting merchandise and it helps you quickly read thorough insights concerning user behavior on your website. What makes Adobe Analytics distinctive is that it tracks the entire path of a user on your website and you'll be able to see that pages area unit the foremost in style. However, in terms of overall comparison, there's not abundant that Adobe Analytics offers in terms of success metrics that Google Analytics doesn't.


Have you developed a mobile application? scrutinize Countly if you'd prefer to monitor what users do within your app. Countly is AN open supply analytics application that tracks time period knowledge. you'll be able to customise your reports along with your disapproval still. Countly permits you ten thousand free sessions per month and installation is free.

SEM Rush

Another great tool once it involves competitive keyword analysis. SEM Rush can offer you a transparent plan of what keywords your competitors area unit victimization and the way abundant success they're having. Having already witnessed the success or failure of every one, you'll be able to target a similar or similar keywords. you'll be able to use it to research your own text still and develop reports. SEM Rush has several different SEO-based options and there's a free version offered.

Majestic SEO

This is a tool for comprehensive backlink analysis. Majestic SEO provides you distinctive insights on your backlinks that you simply might not realize victimization different tools. this can be as a result of Majestic SEO revises its huge index throughout the day so your info is totally up-to-date. The tool provides you careful info on the standard of your backlinks with reference to SEO. However, victimization Majestic SEO might not be ideal for one vendor. it's helpful for those wanting to analyze massive knowledge collections (for example: marketers analyzing backlinks for many clients).


Woorank has several options that may assist you actually perceive your house on-line. One notable feature is Woorank’s ability to match your {site|website|web website} to each site on the net in terms of the quantity of visits you get (for example: “You area unit the ten,000,000 most visited website online”). Woorank can tell you the way in style you're on social media, your Google index ranking, and your page rank in search engines. the best facet of Woorank is that it'll advocate a personalised piecemeal complete selling guide to boost your on-line standing.

Listed higher than area unit some of the many tools that may be accustomed enhance your selling and SEO ways. What tools does one use that you simply failed to realize on my list?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Google To Keep Even More Traffic For Itself

Google declared the launch of information Graph to a small degree over 2 years agone. It’s already become inadequate for Google’s wants. The program needs to be able to quickly answer all of your queries while not having to send you to those bothersome alternative websites, and whereas information Graph is useful in several cases, it simply won’t do for all queries.

You may be thinking that at as long as that’s the case, Google can still have reason to send individuals to alternative sites, however more and more, that's changing into less the case. Welcome to the time of the “Knowledge Vault.”

Do like Google’s strategy of more and more making an attempt to produce content for users on its own, or ought to they be causing traffic to third-party sites a lot of typically like they used to? Share your thoughts within the comments.

New man of science recently revealed a piece of writing regarding Google’s “Knowledge Vault,” (via program Land) that we’ll probably be hearing plenty a lot of regarding as time goes on.

Here’s a snip of explanation:

Knowledge Vault could be a kind of “knowledge base” – a system that stores data so machines in addition as individuals will browse it. wherever a info deals with numbers, a content deals with facts. once you sort “Where was Madonna born” into Google, for instance, the place given is force from Google’s existing content.

This existing base, known as information Graph, depends on crowdsourcing to expand its data. however the firm noticed  that growth was stalling; humans might solely take it thus far.

So Google determined it required to alter the method. It started building the Vault by mistreatment AN algorithmic program to mechanically pull in data from everywhere the online, mistreatment machine learning to show the data into usable items of information.

Based on however the information Vault is represented within the article, it looks like the premise for those fast answers you frequently see at the highest of search results that give data or “answers” from the text of third-party webpages. generally these answers area unit questionable.

Fun Fact: Knowldege Vault is already one thing that exists outside of Google.

We learn from the New man of science article that the information Vault has already force in one.6 billion “facts” which 271 million of them area unit rated as “confident facts”. which means Google believes there’s quite a ninetieth probability they’re true.

You have to surprise if that level of confidence ought to be thought-about to be high enough to be given as information. It is, after all, primarily displacing the standard search results, that have traditionally given users a chance to check for themselves what the simplest answer to a question  was, supported the their own judgment. Frankly, it’s to a small degree shuddery as Google has shown time and time once more that it will gift inaccurate data as “knowledge”.

Of course the full factor additionally serves to drive less clickthrough to third-party sites, that isn’t guaranteed to sit well with webmasters. It’s solely a continuation of a trend that has been steady building over recent years.

As we have a tendency to board AN more and more mobile search-driven world, wherever a lot of looking is completed by voice, it’s comprehendible that Google would need to relinquish these fast answers. From the user perspective, it’s typically useful, and Google is all regarding the user expertise, because the PR team can typically tell you.

Whether or not this is often really a decent direction for search to be occupation is debatable. Google has long talked regarding desirous to be a Star Trek-like laptop, and it’s actually obtaining nearer thereto. Star Trek, however, was fiction. I’m not a giant Trekkie, therefore i'd be wrong, however I’m attending to assume that the accuracy of the knowledge given by the pc was typically taken with no consideration. Were there any episodes wherever the crew visited varied third-party websites to fact-check the knowledge they were given with? For that matter, was the pc go past a large company impelled by advertising revenue? Did the pc ignore data from competitory sources, and generally accidentally embody branded info? I’m asking. I honestly don’t grasp.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Google now using HTTPS as a ranking factor

When Matt Cutts, Google webspam fighter extraordinaire, says one thing, SEOs best listen. Most of the time he’s providing hints at a policy the computer programme can presently adopt, and then it's with Google’s latest modification in ranking issue.

On Aug. 6, Google proclaimed that it'll begin mistreatment HTTPS as a ranking signal.

Only many months before, throughout March’s SMX West, Cutts had hinted the corporate was considering a move therein direction, however he declined to take a position once the modification would occur or perhaps whether or not it absolutely was a viable choice for Google.

Looks like the corporate heeded Cutts’ recommendation. It claims it absolutely was intended by a need to create the online a safer place, that may be a nice plan, tho' a cynic would possibly say it’s simply another case of Google implementing its can on United States of America. Goodness is aware of that when the search large makes a call, the remainder of the net has no selection however to fall in line. Google has aforesaid that the switch to a secure domain can provide sites solely alittle boost, and it might rise later if a lot of sites do it.

So what will this new modification mean for SEOs? Let’s take a glance at what HTTPS is, why it’s necessary, and the way it might impact you.

What is HTTPS?

In the simplest terms, hypertext transfer protocolS is that the secure version of HTTP. Your web site will switch to associate HTTPS domain once you put in associate SSL certificate. after you connect with associate HTTPS web site, your session are encrypted by a digital certificate.

It’s essentially the way to make sure that your non-public stuff stays non-public. on-line retail sites are mistreatment HTTPS for years to stay sensitive data like mastercard numbers and addresses non-public. Since net fraud has become an enormous concern, and with hackers making an attempt to induce their hands on any data that’s left unprotected on the online, mistreatment SSL connections has become intelligibly standard.

Google itself converted to HTTPS for all of its searches last year. The move was less-traveled among SEOs, because it meant keyword knowledge was now not passed on to web site house owners, eliminating a method to trace users.

Why the HTTPS Switch is very important?

Google is looking the switch a “lightweight signal” in terms of search page ranking. It says in its announcement that it might tweak its formula to place a lot of weight on having HTTPS, however it needs to relinquish sites longer to induce their SSL certificates put in.

For now, several SEOs appear to be looking forward to the opposite shoe to drop. Marketers reacted to the Google turn on Twitter

by suggesting that Google’s announcement was very a precursor to the computer programme beginning a business mercantilism SSL certificates, since those ought to become terribly in demand following Google’s call. They were jocose, for the foremost half, however it’s onerous to not imagine that Google has some style of semipermanent set up about this modification.

Google continually has associate endgame for its changes, whether or not it’s eliminating Google author profile footage in search results or ever-changing SERP displays. maybe the corporate is waiting to completely implement future step till Cutts, WHO went on sabbatical this summer, returns within the fall.
Smaller sites have argued this modification mustn't apply to them. Why will a content web site sort of a journal got to be secure? Google says there ar 2 main reasons: knowledge integrity and authentication. If your server isn't secure, there’s continually an occasion somebody might modification the method your content is reaching your readers. And you would like to be ready to prove that you just ar the one really writing the content on your page, not somebody motility as you.

How HTTPS might Impact Search Rankings?

Google itself has been coy once it involves however the switch to HTTPS might impact search rankings. It claims that it'll be solely a “lightweight signal” and not terribly vital after you scrutinize all the opposite factors that move into search rankings. High-quality content, as an example, can still be way more necessary than security of a web site.

But the corporate conjointly hinted that HTTPS might become a far a lot of necessary search issue down the road. Google needs to relinquish sites time to adopt SSL certificates. thus whereas the corporate says without delay it'll impact regarding one p.c of all searches, in coming back years you'll expect that to alter.
So what ought to sensible web sites be doing to make sure {they ar|they're} properly optimized? Here are some tips you'll use to induce your site in line with Google’s HTTPS push:
Determine which kind of certificate your web site desires. you'll make a choice from single, multi-domain or wildcard.

Make sure you choose a 2048-bit key certificate.
Do not block your HTTPS web site from mistreatment robots.txt to crawl.
Let your pages be indexed by search engines after you will.
Use your analytics software package to trace the move from hypertext transfer protocol to HTTPS.

The Bottom Line

For now, HTTPS won't be an enormous consider search rankings, thus you will suppose you'll delay transitioning. however bear in mind, this is often Google. the corporate seldom makes any moves that don’t have an even bigger aim down the road, and it punishes those that don’t fall in line with its vision of net orderliness. whereas you almost certainly don’t have to be compelled to jump to HTTPS the instant you browse this, you’d be knowing know in brief order, if solely to avoid the headache of getting to try and do it quickly once Google inevitably decides security may be a massive search ranking issue.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The 101 on Google’s Pigeon Update- What You Need to Know

"Google Pigeon is really going to benefit a lot of local search results and can definitely help bring in more customers if you have updated your content for local search optimization. This is something that will benefit all involved, so take this opportunity to improve your content and local listings."

Google and their animals (or birds) recently. you may have already detected concerning Google columbiform bird, or a minimum of have seen the name floating around on-line. simply what's this update? Was it an online content update? Let’s take a glance at simply what columbiform bird is, however it'll have an effect on you, and simply however you'll be able to begin writing good content that Google columbiform bird can love (think breadcrumbs on a street).

Wait, what's Google Pigeon?

It extremely will appear to be Google is continually cathartic new algorithmic program updates, and it's setting out to get quite confusing for several. we've got computer program Land to impart for coining the name ‘pigeon’ for this fairly vital update that tailors native search results for shoppers, creating it easier for them to seek out one thing in their space.

While it's an area search update, it will really count web page within the changes. this is often as a result of your web page has to be location specific if you would like to rank in native searches – is smart, right?

How Is It reaching to have an effect on You?

The update is principally reaching to impact and have an effect on your native search ranking. Link Assistant points out that in contrast to sphenisciform seabird and Panda you may not receive penalties for your content, thus you'll be able to relax thereon score. It is, however, reaching to impact wherever your website seems within the SERPs once somebody in your space is probing for a business provides|that gives|that provides} no matter you offer. as an example, if you're a dog groomer within the city space, then somebody sorting out a dog groomer in city is a lot of seemingly to seek out you.

How do you have to begin Writing For Pigeon?

With these changes to native search rankings, you’re in all probability inquisitive simply a way to write for your web page and native listings.

1. Utilize Those native Search Apps

The one issue that's positively being boosted as a results of the columbiform bird update is that the ranking for corporations that utilize native search apps; specifically Yelp. For awhile, Yelp had issues with however they were being portrayed in Google searches, however the columbiform bird update corrected that.

2. produce Location Specific Content

This new update is all concerning location, location, location, which suggests you actually have to be compelled to boost or begin functioning on that location specific content. making location specific content was crucial before columbiform bird and it's even a lot of important currently since it focuses thus closely on native search results for Google users. If you haven’t already, you must begin crafting some location specific material like landing pages, to usher in those native search results. some tips about obtaining the simplest results square measure to utilize long tail keywords and to own location specific landing pages.

3. elicit client Reviews to spice up Your native Reviews

Again, native search optimisation is significant to the current new update from Google, and one among the simplest ways in which to urge noticed  is to own customers review your look on Yelp or alternative native apps. you'll be able to provide incentives to folks once they are available and say, “If you rate our company on our Yelp account, you get AN impressive free thing!” this might be a cinnamon bun if you're a workplace or a trifle gismo for alternative businesses. simply select one thing fun that you just grasp folks can like! this could conjointly facilitate boost your review from the purchasers as a result of they're going to be in a very smart mood when obtaining one thing impressive without charge.

4. Have a lot of website Authority

As you’ve scan multiple times in multiple blogs, website authority is very important to ranking. within the Link Assistant article mentioned antecedently, the upper your website authority, the higher your likelihood to rank in native Google searches. this is often one among the nice advantages of columbiform bird, however it are often prejudicial to some sites with lower domain authority. many ways in which to boost your domain authority is by obtaining obviate unhealthy links, having a good SEO strategy in situ, having glorious and likeable content, etc. Head on over to Quicksprout for a superb orient rising your domain authority. Remember, you actually need to try to to this to rank well with Google columbiform bird – thus take it slow to scan over the guide and appearance at alternative trade resources.

5. Fill within the Gaps And Strengthen Those Profiles

It are often cumbersome to put in writing in each very little detail on your social media profiles, particularly on G+ and therefore the varied native search applications on the market. Laziness, however, has its own pitfalls thus fill within the gaps to strengthen your profiles by utilizing SEO, particularly native search optimisation.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

What are SEO’s Two Most Important Tactics?

It wont to be a reasonably correct statement to mention that SEO was a finite task. You dead some keywords, meta-data, and many tricks of the trade, so centered on your site’s product and services. Rankings fluctuated, however sometimes not unpredictably. New tricks came on from time to time, however SEO wasn’t associate degree all-consuming selling game.

The harsh reality is, those days area unit over. You can’t fool your approach into prime programme rankings by using many tried and true tricks. the sport has massively modified, because of Google’s ever-evolving algorithms. Nowadays, SEO, content selling, and social media area unit per se coupled. and every of those focuses is associate degree on-going mission.

SEO involves organized massive image thinking, intense content strategizing, and a keen eye for metrics analysis. primarily based upon your results, you then enhance or tweak totally different key selling aspects to boost your rankings. It’s actually associate degree infinite variety.

Now that you’ve accepted the truth of SEO and also the crucial designing and energy it needs, let’s name a way to get ahead. the nice news is there area unit many aspects of this follow that don’t need constant direction. Below I’ll analyze today’s 2 most significant SEO ways, with a watch towards potency and resource management.

Your #1 Focus: infective agent Content

With each passing day and selling furor, content strengthens its fastness because the most significant consider your SEO strategy. likelihood is you’re sick hearing however important nice content is. so as to prove this notion, I’ll share with you some current stats, simply just in case the urgency to unceasingly produce relevant and stellar content hasn’t nevertheless compact you.
Inbound Writer reports that firms with a current and active journal have a sixty three % increase in viable leads.

They additionally report that blogs offer 424 % additional indexed pages and ninety seven % additional indexed links than non-blogging sites – proof that content is aces at obtaining search engines to require notice.
A staggering ninety % of customers report that content may be a great tool in serving to them with buying choices.
Today, quite ninety one % of B2B and eighty six of B2C firms use a content-driven strategy.

The Custom Content Council states that folks area unit volumes additional doubtless to create an acquisition on associate degree eCommerce website that has custom content associated with the product.
55 % of marketers surveyed declared they will increase their content budgets in 2015.

Take heart; this simplifies your selling strategy vastly. For people who notice themselves stretched too skinny with SEO, you'll be able to forget the long-tail keywords, the incessant tries at backlinks, and guest posting opportunities. If you concentrate on only 1 major projection within the approach, build it systematically participating content.

Social Media’s Role in nice SEO

The second most significant consider lasting and productive SEO is social media. they're exclusive practices with vital impact on one another.

Before I dive into what works in social, it’s necessary to dispel a core story on however the 2 relate. Social signals don't themselves increase your SERPs. they're 2 utterly totally different metrics. Amassing a large indefinite amount of Twitter followers and comments won’t improve your search results. Not by itself.

So why is thuscial so important to your SEO health? as a result of the additional folks have interaction with and share your content, the additional your SEO can indirectly profit. Here’s how:

First and foremost, social media may be a viable and verified forum for selling. The sheer numbers of parents WHO area unit socially interacting day after day ought to alone persuade you that it’s value having your whole taking part in these discussions. It’s not concerning whether or not or not social will facilitate propel your whole awareness and overall success, but how. several have solved  the complicated issue for his or her explicit audiences, and you must completely do identical.
If you're gushing tremendous effort into the nice content mentioned on top of, it will you no sensible if no one’s reading and sharing. Therefore, group action a social perspective into everything you produce is important to overall success.

The most intelligent firms understand that buyers use the social house to coach themselves before an acquisition. you must thus be gift within the circles wherever your core audience communicates. to boot, folks use social media to share their experiences – positive and negative – with firms and types. Responding to issues associate degreed compliments sends the message that your company cares concerning an individual’s experience; this is often invaluable selling.

Social is thus powerful that platforms like YouTube area unit slowly border out the state of Google. Searchers currently go on to YouTube’s search to seek out video content they require, instead of use the video tab in Google’s search. This trend can doubtless continue as folks use social networks to look for specific forms of content. take into account these sites as mini-Googles – if your content isn’t there, you're invisible to the present phase of your audience.

While SEO is clearly a endless strategy, there's vital comfort in knowing that the core elements of productive selling won’t modification a lot of within the predictable future. Valuable and relevant content that's shareable and accessible across the net area unit your keys to the dominion. If it’s focus you’re yearning for, you simply hit the jackpot.

What different key factors have you ever discovered that area unit integral to nice SEO?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Google Rewrites Quality Rating Guide - What SEOs Need to Know

Google has completely rewritten the Quality Ratings Guideline, the resource that their team of quality raters uses to rate websites for Google. This one is a brand new version, rewritten from the ground up, so it isn’t just a refresh of the old one (and most doesn’t even resemble any of the old Guidelines that SEOs scrutinized in detail whenever one got leaked).    It has some great new insights into how Google is approaching the search results and what it takes to be a top ranked website.

The new version 5 is just three months old, and shows how Google is placing much more emphasis on their knowledge graph style results that seem to be taking over the Google search results, as well as reputation, authority, and of course, the case of advertisements on a page.

Google is now putting a high emphasis on sites that are considered to have a high level of expertise, authoritativeness or trustworthiness. This is something that Google has been working on in their algorithms for some time, and shouldn’t be much of a surprise for webmasters to see this.

Lacking in E-A-T

Google’s brand new emphasis in the new Quality Rater’s Handbook is the idea of E-A-T, which is a website’s “expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness”.

Likewise, Google is stressing that sites that lack expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness should be awarded the Low rating when a page or site is being assigned a rating by one of their quality raters. And more importantly, Google says that lacking a certain amount of E-A-T is enough of a reason for a rater to give any page a low quality rating.

This means that webmasters will need to do what they can to ensure their sites pass the newly minted E-A-T test.

Google also warns the quality raters about sites with user contributed content, such as forums or other sites that allow users to submit articles or information. They urge caution because pages on the sites may not be trustworthy and many lack appropriate amount of E-A-T.

That said, there are some types of user generated content that have an extremely high level of expertise, such as forums that are frequented by experts on specific topics, and Google asks the raters to try engage the experience and expertise of those authors to try and determine if a page should be considered trustworthy or not.

What makes an expert?

As part of their new E-A-T, Google does stress to raters that there are many kinds of experts, all dependent on the topic area. Not every subject area has a way to qualify expertise. It is easier to determine a medical expert than an expert for a hobby site.

Raters are also supposed to consider everyday expertise, even in “Your Money or Your Life” (YMYL) areas – something that the last publicly available version of the guidelines stressed. Specifically, support forums are an excellent resource for specific diseases, since they have input from those who are suffering from the disease. Those contributors might not be physicians, but their life and everyday experiences with the disease make them an expert on sharing those personal experiences. That said, for specific medical advice, it should still come from doctors or health professionals.

For SEOs, this is going to be crucial that you establish your writers as authorities or experts in your field.  You want people to trust your site – not to mention Google is clearly emphasizing the role of authority and expertise in websites already, so going the next step further definitely isn’t surprising in the least.

Knowledge Graphs

A significantly higher portion of the guidelines covers Knowledge Graphs, and shows that they are having their raters spend quite a bit of time rating just the knowledge graphs alone, showing Google plans to continue their march on the search results real estate percent.

Previous versions talked about Title Link Result Blocks (TLRB) and No Title Link Result Blocks (NTRB) as the way Google differentiates between two distinct styles of knowledge graphs the company uses. The first, TLRB, displays a clickable headline at the top of the area, while NTRB blocks do not.

Vital versus non-Vital Knowledge Graphs

Google also asks raters to specify a Vital rating for TLRB which give all the needed information for the query on the TLRB’s landing page. This hints even more that Google is putting a lot of resources into knowledge graphing up the web and it’s here to stay (much to the delight of searchers but not so much webmasters).

Many Ads = Low Quality

While the page layout algo has be attempting to reduce the prominence in the search results of pages that are heavy on advertising, the previous versions of the quality raters guide didn’t place much emphasis on advertising on a website unless it was deceptive or spammy. Now, the new guidelines definitely want raters to look at advertising on the page to determine if there is an overabundance of it.

Google specifically mentions layouts that are all advertising at the top, and requires scrolling to see the content – to the point where people could initially believe that there is no content on the page at all. The same for advertising designed to look like navigation links or secondary content.

However, this also is completely opposite from what AdSense likes their publishers to do – not perhaps to the extreme where you need to scroll to see content, but they are constantly reminding publishers that they can add additional ad units or replace smaller ad units with larger ones.

They also state that pages should get the Lowest rating if the rater feels the design tries to manipulate the user to click the ads, inline ads or download links.

Supplementary Content

While previously the quality rater’s guide focused on the main content of the page, with only a brief mention of supplementary content, now there is a new emphasis on not only supplementary content, but types of supplementary content as well. Gone are the days where you can have a high quality page with just navigation for the supplementary content.

While most people consider secondary content to be strictly navigation and perhaps the footer, Google now wants raters to look at other types of secondary content, with a particular emphasis on content that suggests related content on a site.

The quality of that content is of higher importance now. Previously, Google only specifically mentioned supplementary content in two ways – additional suggested videos on a page about a Saturday Night Live episode, as well as what many would consider important features of a recipe site – printable features, reviews and nutritional information. Now, Google wants to see a wide variety of supplementary content on a page, and are putting a greater emphasis on it as being an important and integral part of a page that is worthy of a High or Very High rating.

Now, Google considers valuable supplementary content to include not only those things but also showing similar makes or models of an item on a shopping website, ability to multiply or divide a recipe,

Google also wants supplementary content to have a higher emphasis for those pages that could be considered High or Highest quality.

Google’s rule of thumb for quality raters on determining what is secondary content: anything on a page that isn’t the main content or advertisements. They consider it important to the overall user experience.

Google does caveat that some times of webpages lack secondary content but aren’t necessarily low quality – such as community or local sites. Likewise with PDFs or images, secondary content isn’t needed in those cases either.

Bottom line, if you don’t have useful secondary content on your website currently, you should begin working on that as soon as possible, because this is clearly where Google wants to head.

Bad Supplementary Content

Google has been stressing the use of deceptive ad placements and pages that are very ad heavy as being subject to the page layout algo. Now Google considers any site or page with bad supplementary content as being worthy of a Low rating. Primarily, they are warning about deceptive ad placement where users can accidentally click on an ad or are lured to click an ad, believing it to be content on the site and not an advertisement.

They also specifically mention advertisements placed under headers such as “Top Posts”, which has been against the Google AdSense terms for quite some time, but which we still see used with AdSense and other ad networks.

Essentially, if the secondary content is unhelpful or distracting, that’s a Low quality rating.

Poor Page Design

Google mentions the many typical things that advertisers trying to squeeze every last penny out of a webpage do, such as popups, large quantity of ads with only minor content and text ads in navigation.

Google is also calling out a specific advertising tactic that many, many websites use – and that is inserting advertisements a few times in the middle of the main content, breaking it up with main content – ad – main content – ad – main content. This is used on many newspaper and magazine sites – and if this gets factored into the algorithm, you can be sure newspapers will complain about it (or paywall instead).

If you are using ads within content – it is probably a good idea to consider restricting it to one, as Google sees it as jarring when a user has to go back and forth between content and ads too many times. And those fancy links in navigation that are really ads? Webmasters should probably start rethinking those too.


Google had some pretty specific list of features that rater’s should use to determine if a site is a true merchant site or not – something that had some companies concerned if they did not offer it. For example, many merchants that are legitimate might not offer a wish list feature, a gift registry or a user forum, but some SEOs were pressuring that it was “needed” simply because the quality rater’s guide included it on a list of features for true merchant websites.

In the new handbook, this has been removed. Instead, Google asks raters to look for pages such as contact information, return and exchange policies. This does bring it more inline with what many smaller merchants offer, who either don’t have the budget, technical know-how, or even the need for some of the features Google listed previously.

Rating forums and Q&A

Google wants raters to determine not only the expertise of the site itself, but also who are participating in the particular thread that is being rated. Also considered are whether new threads being added, if many people participating and whether the conversations are in-depth?

While many of us think of Q&A sites as low quality with crappy content, there are some gems out there, so Google does warn not to assume all Q&A sites are low quality.

Q&A Without the Answer

We have all ended up on a Q&A page only to discover there is no answer posted yet, even for questions asked years ago, or the answer is hidden behind a paywall. Google considers pages of this type without the answer given are Low quality.

They did mention this previously in the older version of the guidelines, but they removed the part stating that unhelpful answers should be given a Low quality rating – hopefully they removed it because it is common sense that an unhelpful answer is bad.

Inline Advertising

Are you one of the few people who are still using inline advertising? Well, its days could be numbered, as Google considers this distracting and can make the main content on the page difficult to read, which equals a poor user experience.

Inline advertising, those double underlined links that pop up an ad when you mouseover the link, has definitely lost popularity over the years, and it isn’t that common to see it anymore, except on spammy pages.


Curiously, reference to “thin” affiliate sites has been removed from the new guide. Previously Google warned about thin affiliate sites not being a high quality site, and how raters could determine if a site was an affiliate site or not.

Is Google confident in how they are currently ranking affiliate sites and not letting “thin” affiliate sites rank well? That doesn’t seem to be the case, particularly in some competitive spaces. Panda did make a considerable dent in the affiliate rankings, at least for those run by less savvy SEOs. But the fact they removed the warning altogether raises the question that Google feels spam affiliate sites are a thing of the past and don’t rank today anyways, that poor quality sites would get a low rating regardless, or that they are happy for affiliate sites to rank, as long as they have some of the other criteria needed for an above average rated website.

Reputation Research

Website reputation has been given a boost in the new version of the guide, and it is clear that Google is putting a greater emphasis on reputation than they did before.

Of course, webmasters have to consider that reputation is going to be given a boost in the search algorithm too, since Google is clearly wanting their rater’s to take this into a fairly significant account for rating any website. Although Google has previously said that rater’s themselves do not affect search results, we often see changed within the guide that has a greater impact.

Google does include a caveat that small, local businesses or community organizations might not have any online reputation because their web presence is relatively small compared to word of mouth. But Google now expects to find reputation information for any large business or organization.

Most importantly, Google stresses that a webpage cannot be given a High rating if the site has a negative reputation.

They are also asking raters to give the lowest rating to any page where there is sufficient evidence of fraudulent or malicious behavior on behalf of the website.

With a greater emphasis on reputation for quality ratings, it could be a sign that reputation from credible sources could be someone added to the algorithm, or we might see a new penalty specifically targeting sites with negative reputations (Hello Puffin update?)

Where’s the Spam?

Another curious omission is the fact all reference to spam has been removed from the new guide. Previously there were sections describing spam and how to check for it, but in the new guide, the only reference to spam is in regards to sites with a large amount of spam comments or forums that have been spammed.

Where’s the Cloaking?

There was previously an entire detailed section explaining what cloaking is and how raters can identify whether a site is cloaking or not. But this has also been removed from the new guide.

Distracting Content

Yet another item removed from the examples of low quality content is the reference to “other distracting content”. The only reason for this removal is that Google considers other types of distracting content to more clearly be considered secondary content, which is pretty specific about pages needing to be rated lower when the rater is presented with distracting content – particularly when dealing with advertising as secondary content.

Low Quality Pages Now Never Acceptable

Previously, the guide stated “Low quality pages may only be acceptable to users if there are no other higher quality pages.” This has now been removed. Does Google believe there is always a higher quality page for every low quality page out there? Possibly, with the rate the web is still growing.

But clearly, they don’t want higher ratings being given, which could confuse engineers basing algorithms on raters and pages, simply because there isn’t a better quality alternative out there.

Lack of Purpose

Google now refers to all gibberish and auto generated pages as pages that have lack of purpose and should always be rated Lowest.

Hidden text

Google previously asked raters to investigate any white spaces at the right or bottom of the webpage if it seemed to be there for no reason as well as using Ctrl-A, turning off CSS and turning off javascript to identify hidden text.   But they are no longer asking raters to check for this anymore… again possibly because Google feels they can usually catch this algorithmically now.

About Us and Contact info

Previously, Google stressed that pages in YMYL areas need to have a page about the site (“About Us”), contact or customer service information, and who is responsible for the upkeep and content of the website. Now, Google wants raters to look for at least some of this information on all websites.

If you have a website that is strictly information and didn’t really have a need for these types of pages, now would be a good time to go back and add those pages. They do say that some non-YMYL pages can still garner a High or Highest rating with a simple email address, it is a good sign that Google is looking to put a greater emphasis on this as a sign of a high quality website in the algo.

Hat tip to SEOs

A new mention in the latest guide is a mention that webmasters read these guidelines and include information specifically to influence quality raters. It was mentioned specifically in the section regarding a website’s reputation.

Source:- http://www.thesempost.com/google-rewrites-quality-rating-guide-seos-need-know/

Sunday, June 29, 2014

What are Latest Top SEO Trends In 2014

In the interest of holding relevant results and discouraging unethical techniques, search engines square measure ceaselessly re-formulating their SEO formulas. Google has updated their SEO standards as recently because the finish of March creating it more durable for on-line selling consultants and business homeowners to stay up with the newest and bigger SEO standards. Here's a glance at a number of the highest SEO trends in 2014 as according by a number of the consultants within the trade to assist you to optimize your on-line resources and highlight your business.

Mobile optimisation Matter

Increased importance is being placed on mobile devices and netsites that square measure optimized to accommodate any variety of web browsing. Google's apodiform bird update free towards the tip of last year has shown that sites that haven't created these changes are met with consequences in their programme standing. Studies show that responsive net styles and CSS patterns that let totally different browsers on templates, laptops, and mobile devices to show data in an exceedingly kind of ways that is currently a vital consider 2014 SEO.

Google Asks the client

What seems to be a desperate commit to increase the quantity of people victimisation Google+ currently conjointly looks to play an area within the latest SEO trends. If your company includes a Google+ page, net crawlers square measure accessing reviews left for your company by customers to work out whether or not or not you're a high quality candidate for his or her search results. this might develop a wholly new normal for client cordial reception and repair, particularly if customers may have such a giant role in decisive your on-line success.

For example, you'll have the simplest and most optimized web site within the world; but, if a client involves your business and experiences poor quality service, they could favor to leave a review of your company on-line with Google+. Enough of those poor reviews and your web site may begin to call in the ratings. however vital of a task this may wear the rankings has nonetheless to be determined.

Content selling is vital

Keyword stuffing and writing content to suit search engines is setting out to be phased out. In exchange, content selling is enjoying a bigger role in decisive your SEO success. Content selling includes:

• Quality of Content

• Content Update Frequency

• Authority within the Field

• Content Sharing

Based on these classes, content can ought to be developed to the next normal than ever before. Social media conjointly plays Associate in Nursing implausibly necessary role; the a lot of people that share your article on-line or through their social media channels, the a lot of doubtless search engines may act favorable to your web site.

Google is taking note to the authors of content and the way honored that supply very is. If that very same author or web site is sharing or posting calibre written articles round the net, Google goes to flag that content. once delivering and selling any content, these four criteria need to be met and developed with quality in mind rather than amount.

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3 Simple Steps That Will Help Your Website Rank High in the Search Engines

Here Are 3 Simple Steps That Will Help Your Website Rank High in the Search Engines

Ranking higher in Google's programme result might have a beautiful impact on the success of your company.

You can simply either act the competency of a research Engine optimisation business, or if you possess the number of your time, there are literally some enhancements you will produce to your web site on your own.

Step 1: Keyword analysis

What keywords perform you're thinking that your purchasers would key in to seem for your services or products? A keyword may be one word (e.g. "Optimization"), however, multiple key words or key word phrases are literally typically most popular, since they're a lot of|much more|way more} specific further as more probable to be what your purchasers are literally making an attempt to seek out.

List as shortly as you'll assume of. Brainstorm together with your suggestions. Presume of various words. contemplate physical words if they're truly necessary for your client. in addition, acquire some suggestions from your competitions' sites. Use to form an inventory of 20-30 keyword phrases.

Pick the a few of key word expressions you're thinking that would definitely be browsed for the terribly most. try your ideal to make a decision on 2 keyword words that area unit the foremost applicable to you business however that are literally not obscure nor cheap.

Once you've got chosen your two ideal key word expressions successive step reveals you ways that to supply some renovations to your property website.

Step 2: net Copy

Internet copy pertains to all or any the phrases or perhaps content on your web site. as a result of the fabric is master worldwide of search engines, your keyword phrase expressions should be placed strategically on your website to influence Google that your material is incredibly relevant to those keywords. the extra far-famed they're, actually, the better. (Keep in thoughts that as essential as search engines area unit, customers arrive to start with, thus ensure your copy conjointly reads through properly.).

Below is really exactly however you'll be able to raise every key words's prominence:.

A. Place your key words in headings, ideally at the start of the heading;.

B. embrace key words to the highest of the net page;.

C. daring or perhaps italicise keyword phrases wherever suitable;.

An essential recommendation is to in addition include these key words in your hypertext markup language "title tag". Use your glad management unit to form these enhancements on your own, or perhaps in all probability raise your net developer to accomplish it if you are not positive exactly however.

Once you have got fine-tuned your home website, check up on incorporating spick-and-span subject material, like elaborated descriptions of what you give, FAQs further as informative write-ups relating to your merchandise further as programs. (If you are doing not will compose these on your own, they will be truly settled freed from charge on-line - perform a pursuit for "information directory").

That is truly in addition smart to stay in mind that search engines will just undergo text, not images. oftentimes internet programmers put in terms in pictures to seem far better for web site guests or perhaps utilize Flash for pc animation, however this can be truly an enormous restraint to go looking engines.

Step 3: Linking

Each link coming back from another web site to your computing device (not from your website) is really taken into thought through search engines as a vote of recognition for your business and area unit aiming to enhance your ranks.

However, that's the standard, not amount, of the links that's truly essential. the opposite websites need to be truly pertinent to your sector, and ideally terribly concerned on their own. ten prime quality hyperlinks contemplate way more as compared to five hundred net links coming back from whimsical websites. Similarly, your affairs network might possess a considerable influence on the excellence of your company, thus too the net network you improve the net.

Brainstorm all the pertinent websites that might go along with you, together with non-competing firms, and market physics further as organizations. Write a friendly email per illustrating the advantage their web site guests would definitely acquire find out concerning your business, further as request them to form AN related to your web site. numerous folks will definitely not react terribly initial time spherical, thus a follow-up phone phone call is really typically immersed.

Exactly however perform I track my results?

Sensor your positions in Google over the subsequent few months by writing your selected key phrases right within the quest package, further as tape-recording your rank. in addition, contemplate your organizing records to grasp simply what quest phrases your prospects area unit utilised to find your computing device.

These procedures may be likewise be perennial for every and each page of your web site. confine mind to invariably keep change your subject material, further as regularly enhance the amount of related to your web site.

As you observe your positions climb you want to see a similar rise in net traffic and a substantial rise in purchases requests. guarantee to record the resource of your client inquiries, thus you'll be able to verify the effectiveness of your advertising initiatives.

Keep in mind, if you identify it, you'll be able to simply strengthen this.