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Is Google Ethical & Moral For Penalizing Webmasters? One SEO & Ethics PhD Says Absolutely Not

Josh Bachynski is a name many folks who are involved in the SEO community, attend the conferences, are on Twitter or the forums, have heard of. He has always been a skeptic of Google but recently he was able to speak one-on-one with Google's Matt Cutts and address his problems.

The honors with a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, and (half) a PhD specializing in Ethics and Rational Decision Theory, went ahead and posted much of his private conversation with Matt Cutts on a site he created named It is an incredibly long read but in short, Josh Bachynski aims at proving, at least based on rational theory, how Google is being immoral and unethical by penalizing sites, at least the way they do that.

His three points, although I am sure he has more are:

(1) Google does not have the "moral authority or justification" to penalize sites, specifically with algorithms such as Penguin.
(2) Google is stealing content from webmasters through what they call the Knowledge Graph.
(3) Google penalizing webmasters using humans or as known as manual actions.
Those are his complaints and he makes strong and clear arguments for why there are issues with it.

Now, he then goes on to explain how Matt Cutts responded and ultimately, it made it look like Matt Cutts admitted Google was mostly wrong.

Now, of course, this is Josh's version. This also may be Matt just listening and not responding too much to his questions or issues.

Josh notified Matt after he posted it at:

The questions is would Matt Cutts agree the conversation went this way exactly? I am not saying Josh is lying, not at all. But sometimes people take one conversation and take two things out of it.

Like I said, Matt may agree with Josh or not.

Anyway, it is worth a read and I'd love to see if/when Matt Cutts responds. I doubt he will but who knows.

Google Inorganic Links For "DoFollow" Links

Google's Eric Kuan from the Google spam team posted a response to one webmaster who said a competitor is spamming them with bad links and asked Google to provide examples of some bad links.

Eric did so in the Google Webmaster Help thread by showing a few links.

I always enjoy sharing these public examples because it gives those who have never received an unnatural link warning an idea of what links to stay away from. In this case, the webmaster is persistent about those links not being acquired by himself but a competitor trying to sabotage him.

Here are two of the links:

(1) On

Here is the source code:

(a) The link in the source code actually reads rel=dofollow, really? DoFollow links in the HTML? That is asking for a Google review.

<a href='' rel='dofolow'>dan piano</a>

(b) There are like 25 links in the footer all to their party web sites with anchor rich keywords.

(2) On is a typical forum link with rich keyword anchors that everyone should avoid.

Google often goes after keyword rich forum, blog and footer links.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

What are The Best AdSense Alternatives to Make Money From Your Blog?

17 Best AdSense Alternatives to Make Money From Your Blog

If even after having good traffic on your blog, you are not able to monetize it, because Google Adsense doesn’t approve it or AdSense has banned your blog from their network due to some unexplained issue, you should check out some alternatives to AdSense.

Though, Google AdSense is the most trusted and highest paying advertising network but it doesn’t mean that every other network isn’t good at all. It may also happen that you can earn even more from some other network than from Adsense. You will just have to choose carefully according to the content & audience, and let Adsense go.

Let me take you through the process of choosing the best advertising solution for your blog,

In this post, I am sharing some of the best Google Adsense alternatives which can help you monetize your blog in the best possible way.

CPM, CPC and Display Ads Based Networks


When it comes to contextual advertising, is one of the best alternative to Adsense. It is backed by Yahoo! Bing network. Very much like Adsense, ads are keywords targeted, so you can expect good CTR because ads will be relevant to your content. You can customize size, color and type (banner or text) of advert to be shown on your blog.

Your blog needs to have a reasonable amount of traffic from countries like US, UK and Canada to get approved on this network.

Minimum Payout threshold: 100 USD.

2. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is again a very good option for monetizing your blog. Though, getting approved on this network isn’t that difficult but your blog needs to have a good amount of traffic to actually make money from this network.

Since BSA isn’t a CPM or CPC based advertising network, so its up to you how much price would you like to keep for a particular ad slot. Try to the keep the prices moderate, neither too low nor too high.

Note: BSA also lets you monetize your Tweets.

Minimum Payout threshold: 20 USD.

3. BlogAds

BlogAds is another alternative worth mentioning. If your blog is targeting a relatively narrow niche, then chances of your blog getting approved on BlogAds are positive at 30,000 monthly impressions, however if your blog is catering to a larger audience and follows a broad niche then it needs to have a minimum of 500,000 to 1 million monthly impressions to get approved.

Minimum Payout threshold: 75 USD.

4. Chitika

Getting approved on Chitika is comparatively easy. It works well for newbie bloggers because it doesn’t have any minimum traffic threshold. However, if your blog is receiving good traffic and you are not satisfied with Chitika’s ads performance, you should sign up for Chitika’s premium account. Chitika offers banner ads, hover ads, highlight ads and in-text ads.

You can also sign up for Chitika referral program. With this you can earn 10% of your referral’s earning for 10 months.

Minimum Payout threshold: 10 USD via PayPal and 50 USD via check.

5. Infolinks

Infolinks is one of the best in-text advertising network, but in the recent times it has added some other advertising formats as well. It is open for every blog with no minimum page-views requirements. Though your blog must comply with their policies to get approved on this network.

In-text ads may annoy readers because every-time reader mouse hovers over an infolink keyword, a banner will appear and may cover the text of the post which he/she is reading. But you can try other ad formats such as in-search, in-tag or in-frame. These formats are okay as far as reader’s distraction is concerned.

Minimum Payout threshold: 50 USD via PayPal, eCheck, ACH and Payoneer and 100 USD via bank wire transfer option and western union.

6. Disqus

Disqus is a widely used commenting platform but apart from that, It also allows blog owners to monetize their site by opting for their content discovery program.

A discovery box will appear just about disqus comment box where links from other blogs will appear and if a reader clicks on any of the link, you earn money. Simple, isn’t it?

Minimum Payout threshold: 100 USD.

7. Outbrain

Outbrain allows you to monetize your blog by showing related content from other websites. Whenever a reader clicks on the related link you earn money.

The network provides real time tracking and various customization options to make sure you can optimize the ads for higher CTR.

It is a CPC based network.

8. Zemanta

Very much like Outbrain, with Zemanta you can monetize your blog by placing high quality content links from other websites. For applying to this network you will have to fill up a form and wait for their response.

9. Taboola

Taboola is again a widely used content syndication network. With Taboola you can monetize your blog by surfacing content from big publishers. It works well on all devices and claims to have high CTR.

1o. VigLink

VigLink is different from all other networks mentioned in this list.

It converts normal links on your blog to monetized link and when someone buys a product or service from your link, you earn commission. The network also provides you with analytics so that you can further improve your earnings by analyzing the data.

Make Money from Affiliate Program

When someone buys a product or service from your affiliate link, you earn money, that’s what affiliate marketing is all about. Let’s say you have written a post about a product on your blog and it has started receiving good traffic, and the product offers affiliate program then you can opt for the program and start earning money.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that everyone can earn money from it and there is no limit to it. Just make sure you choose products or services according to your blog’s niche.

Here, I am sharing some of the most trusted and highest paying affiliate networks.

11. Amazon

Amazon allows you to choose various products for affiliate marketing ranging from toys, video games to books, media or consumer electronics. You can earn commissions up to 10%. Amazon affiliates is one of the most trusted affiliate network.

12. Clickbank

If you are interested in promoting digital products such as e-books or software then Clickbank is the place you should check out. Though, every product offers different commission percentage but in some products you can earn up to 75% commission.

13. Hosting Affiliates

If you are blogging on ‘how to set up a blog’ niche, then hosting affiliates can work well for you. Here are some options you must check out, HostGator, bluehost, GoDaddy etc.

14. Themes Affiliates

If you have a blog based on design niche where you are publishing articles related to logos, website themes etc, then you can opt for various themes affiliates such as themeforest, elegant themes, Studiopress etc.

Note: Sometimes the products you are promoting are not listed under any affiliate network, but they do have affiliate marketing scheme, so you can always look out for those products & services and increase your blog’s revenue.
Organizing Giveaways

15. is one of its kind network. It helps bloggers earn money by hosting giveaways on their blogs. I believe that it’s a great way to increase readership by offering free products to your readers and earn money as well.

16. Earn via selling your services  

If you are good at something never do it free. So true, isn’t it? So, why blog for free?

If you are not able to monetize your blog even though the content is strong and you are getting good traffic then don’t lose hope, there’s one more thing left in the bucket. Sometimes traditional advertising doesn’t work for certain blogs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t monetize the content.

Let’s take the example of Neil Patel, SEO specialist in Dehradun who owns several web companies and blogs at quicksprout. Though, his blog is receiving humongous traffic, he isn’t running any advertisement on his blog but that doesn’t mean he is blogging for free. If you have visited his blog, you might have noticed that there’s a banner in the sidebar about how Neil Patel has increased TechCrunch traffic by 30%. That banner helps him sell his SEO services in India. Plus he is also selling a complete course to double traffic in 30 days.

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CR1 Visa in Thailand | How to Apply for CR1 Visa in Thailand

How to Apply for CR1 Visa in Thailand

"The CR1 (Conditional Resident) visa permits candidates to receive conditional permanent residence upon arrival within the U.S.. Recipients of the CR-1 ar able to work straightaway upon arrival within the U.S.. Conditional Residents typically receive their positive identification within the mail a pair of - three months when arrival."

A CR1 visa Thailand permits you to bring your Thai married person to the U.S. to start out a family. Since metal stands for ‘Conditional Residency’, this visa offers your relative 2 (2) years of to remain lawfully in your country. it's conditional as a result of throughout that span of your time, the Thai married person should prove that she didn't marry a United States of America national exclusively to evade immigration laws.

Another advantage of getting a CR1 Visa is that the proven fact that it offers your Thai married person a CR card and a Social Security range, and permits her to figure like a shot within the U.S. upon entry. what is more, this visa permits your relative to travel outside U.S. for business or vacation functions, given that she doesn't stay outside the country on the far side six (6) months.

This visa conjointly contains a spinoff that if granted, permits the kids left in Thailand to be with their oldsters within the U.S..

CR1 Visa vs K3 Marriage Visa

There has been abundant confusion a couple of CR1 Visa and a K3 Marriage Visa. typically there's not abundant distinction once it involves the method; except that a CR1 Visa takes a extended time to process, and provides higher edges than a K3 Visa.

As expressed on top of, a CR1 Visa will be adjusted when a year and 9 (9) months. A K3 Visa on the opposite hand, should be like a shot acted upon arrival within the United States of America. The CR1 Visa conjointly permits you to figure directly, whereas the K3 Visa doesn't offer such chance.

Simply expressed, a K3 Visa Thailand is secured by those that ar during a rush to come back to the States, whereas a CR1 Visa is chosen by those that will wait.


To obtain a CR1 Visa in Thailand, the couple ought to be married for a minimum of 2 (2) years. To prove that the wedding is real and going stronger, evidences just like the original copy of the wedding certificate, pictures, e-mail and chat records, and alternative similar documents should be conferred.

The petitioner should be a U.S. national and may be ready to meet the financial gain demand prescribed by the economic condition pointers of the us. This monetary capability assures the govt that he's capable of petitioning his Thai married person, which she is going to not depend upon Social Security whereas within the U.S..

The beneficiary, on the opposite hand, should be a Thai national, and may possess the subsequent characteristics:

  • No record (a police clearance from the Royal Thai Police should be presented)
  • No health problems, particularly T.B. (medical certificate should even be obtained)
  • No involvement in harlotry
  • No involvement in ill-gotten medicine


The application for a CR1 Visa starts once the petitioner submits the wants to the us Citizenship and Immigration Center Service (USCIS), that has jurisdiction over your space of residence, that is, either Golden State or American state. USCIS can then send you a receipt notice. If approved, it'll once more send you associate degree approval notice. With this, it'll currently forward your application to the National Visa Center (NVC) for additional process.

The NVC, on the opposite hand, can send you associate degree NVC notice together with your corresponding case range then forward your application to the U.S. Embassy in capital of Thailand, Thailand. The embassy can successively schedule your Thai married person for associate degree interview, that during a method determines whether or not the applying are granted or not. Of course, there are process fees to pay therefore be ready.

It may appear really easy, however applying for a CR1 Visa in Thailand is so sophisticated. Thus, it's better that you just consult Thai lawyers World Health Organization will assist you altogether your application desires.