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How and When to Use 301 Redirects vs. Canonical?

Which is the best in both 301 Redirects or Canonical?

How to implement or add 301 Redirects in your site?

Web page redirection can seem like a bit of a minefield. The 301 redirect and canonical options have been around for years, but they tend to create confusion and consistently stir-up questions and debate on best practices.

This post will focus on the two main methods of managing the redirection of a single page on your website – the 301 redirect and the rel="canonical" attribute – to conquer duplicate content issues, sustain your rankings, and improve user experience.

What's The Difference?

Though there are a few gray areas, Google provides some clear guidelines to make sure we all know how they want us to manage redirections. In very simple terms, here is what each communicates to Google and search engines:

301 – Hey, Search Engines: My page is no longer here, and has permanently moved to a new page. Please remove it from your index and pass credit to the new page.

Canonical – Hey, (most) Search Engines: I have multiple versions of this page (or content), please only index this version. I'll keep the others available for people to see, but don't include them in your index and please pass credit to my preferred page.

Now, let's get into some of the details…

301 Redirects

The 301 HTTP status code has always been the standard for managing the complete and permanent redirection of a page. By implementing this command you will be eventually pass the majority of the original page's link authority, relevance and ranking power to the page you are redirecting to. Google's Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts has said, you'll lose "just a tiny little bit, not very much at all" which "doesn't change over time".

The 301 tells both users and search engines that your original page is no longer relevant and that the most relevant and up to date information can be found on your new page.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Common Problems with 301

There are a few possible problems with implementing a 301 redirect.

First, it might not be possible for you to implement HTTP status codes. Maybe you don't have FTP access, or perhaps your web designers have told you it isn't possible. Either way, without server-side access, a 301 simply isn't an option.

Another possible downside of the 301 is that it does sometimes take a while for the search engines to attribute your new page with the search authority of your original page. This all depends on how often your site, and the original page, is crawled by the search engines. This delay means that a 301 is something you should never rely on for short term or last minute campaigns.

Finally, the most common problem is the 301 being used incorrectly. It's surprisingly common to see marketers develop a completely new site and then use a 301 to point all the pages of the original website to new site's homepage. This isn't what the 301 is intended for. This approach undermines the relevancy of any search traffic and could result in a very high bounce rate. It's a lose/lose situation and unfortunately, this is just one example among many.

Don't let these issues put you off. A 301 redirect is still the clear choice for permanent page redirection in most cases.

When to Use 301

As default – this is the preferred method
Pages that are being permanently moved or replaced
Domains that are permanently moved (acquisitions, rebranding, etc.)
404 pages and expired content (assuming relevant content or a page exists)
The rel="canonical" Attribute

The rel="canonical" attribute, though it is often incorrectly used as a 301 substitute, is something entirely different. Rather than physically sending users to a more recent or relevant page, rel="canonical" is a signal that's purely for the benefit of the search engines.

There are often situations where you may have a number of web pages with either very similar or identical content. We all know that duplicate content is dangerous territory, so that's when to use the rel="canonical".

Let's say you have two (or more) pages both listing the same series of products. One lists them alphabetically and the other by price. They contain the same content, but have different URLs. If you were to leave both pages alone, Google would index both, but pick which one it believes is the most relevant and could filter the page you actually want to be appearing in the SERPs.

By placing rel="canonical" on the alphabetical page telling the search engines that the price page is your preferred choice, you avoid all these issues. This tells the search engines that you acknowledge that the content on these two pages is very similar and that the pricing page is the most important for users.

Regarding the amount of PageRank or link juice that would be lost from canonical redirects, Cutts has also said "there's really not a whole lot of difference" between the 301 and the canonical. This means the 301 and the canonical will lose "just a tiny little bit, not very much at all" of credit from the referring page.

To reinforce this, the Google Webmaster Central Blog states "Additional URL properties, like PageRank and related signals, are transferred as well."

Common Problems with Canonical

As with the 301 redirect, there are some limitations to rel="canonical".

First, it's only a suggestion. Though the major search engines all state that they do pay close attention to rel="canonical", they aren't obliged to follow them. This means that you may still see your ‘duplicate' pages occasionally being shown ahead of your preferred page in some SERPs.

Again, the biggest problem with rel="canonical" is how commonly it is misused. The most common misuse of the tag is when it's implemented on pages that don't include a large percentage of the same content as the canonical page. Unless they contain considerable chunk of duplicate content, rel="canonical" probably shouldn't be used.

Another common misuse of the tag occurs with multiple, related pages. For example, you might have written a long blog post on your site that you've decided to break up into five parts. Each of these parts is on a separate page with its own unique URL.

I've seen so many cases where each of these pages contains a rel="canonical" tag pointing back to the first page in the series. Though the right intention was there, using rel="canonical" tells the search engines that the content on each of these pages is almost identical and that you want it to always show the first page in the SERPs.

By using the tag you will stop pages 2-5 from ever being shown in the SERPs, even if they carry a high level of relevance and authority for that specific search. You're limiting your visibility, causing confusion, and creating unnecessary work for yourself.

In this instance, using pagination features with Rel="next" and Rel="Prev" tags. You can learn more about them here.

When to use Canonical

When 301s can't be implemented, or take too much time
Duplicate content but you want to keep both pages live
Dynamic pages with multiple URLs of a single page (from sorting features, tracking options, etc.)
Site-wide considerations like (domain/page/index.html vs. domain/page/ for the same page) can be easier with canonicals
Cross-domain considerations where both sites are similar, but need to remain live

Redirect options can be intimidating, but hopefully now you have greater clarity on the best course of action. Both options will pass a similar amount of link juice, and will be treated similarly by Google. But in general, the 301 redirect is the preferred route.

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The Who, What, Why, How and When of Barnacle SEO?

In the world of SEO, there looks to be no shortage of trends that come-and go-promising to assist businesses everyplace to enhance search result rankings. Some such trends square measure flighty and impermanent  whereas others square measure so much rather more than trends and truly do turn out results.

Barnacle SEO was a on the face of it impermanent  trend back in 2007 or 2008 however is re-emerging these days and has the potential to become a very valuable SEO follow. whether or not or not you've got nonetheless detected concerning barnacle SEO, it's well price some time to urge immersed in it and skills you'll be able to build it work for your business.

Barnacle SEO half I-the United Nations agency and What

The term "barnacle SEO" was coined by can Smith (no, not the actor) many years past. Smith used this term to explain the action of making Associate in Nursing identity or content on another superior web site as a method of rising your site's own SERPs.

A barnacle is largely one thing of a parasite that, rather than relying fully upon itself for sustenance, leverages the facility of another entity. Marine references aside, Associate in Nursing example of barnacle SEO would be making an intensive profile of your company on an inventory web site like Yelp or Superpages then linking that profile to your web site. this could even be done via social media sites. the facility ranking of those web sites rankings will pull your own site up within the SERPs.

Companies which will profit the foremost from barnacle SEO square measure those whose keywords once entered into a quest engine come several listing sites on the primary page. native businesses tend to expertise this quite heavily and sometimes square measure the most effective candidates for this follow.

Barnacle SEO half II-the Why

If you recognize something concerning the present section of SEO's current evolution, it ought to be quite straightforward to know the growing power of barnacle SEO. 2 main factors build the bottom ripe for this maneuver currently.

First, several ancient link building exercises are not any longer gratifying firms with sensible results. In fact, some ways may very well work against companies' SEO efforts within the finish. However, link building is way from dead-as long because the links square measure of top quality. Enter barnacle SEO. In a way, you'll think about barnacle SEO to be the latest sort of link building. as a result of it's anchored by terribly high-quality base sites, it fits dead into the new SEO world order that focuses on quality, not amount of links.

Akin to that idea is that the concentrate on connexion and quality of content. everybody has been hearing concerning this for a short time associated with website content however the main focus on this conjointly pertains to any content concerning your site or company, as well as profiles. it's not simply any profile on a telephone book web site that may get a bump within the SERPs. firms that have strong profiles complete with photos and descriptions can see advantages so much on the far side people who solely have chronicle company info.

Barnacle SEO half III-the however

If you think that that barnacle SEO might assist you, the primary issue to try to to is to verify that. Your analysis here is pretty basic. merely perform searches on your name, name and prime keywords. If you systematically see sites like Yelp, Angie's List, Superpages, telephone book or major social media platforms within the prime results, think about that your inexperienced lightweight. you'll be able to conjointly determine the sites to focus on from these searches because the ones that almost all ofttimes seem at the highest of the lists square measure those you would like to use.

Once you've got your list of target sites in hand, follow these recommendations to urge the foremost profit out of them:

Create an entire Profile

Make sure your business name, address, hours, sign and web site square measure listed and correct. Write a strong description that basically tells people that you're and what you are doing and embrace your geo for native search boosts. you are doing not ought to force keywords in as they very ought to seem logically in describing your company. Finally, post sensible quality photos to let folks see your business, giving them otherwise to judge you.

If Allowed, Add a Guest Post

Some sites can allow you to build a guest post and you ought to try this whenever doable. Avoid fluff, but as your post can hurt you quite it'll assist you if it doesn't contain enough meat.

Build Links

Create links to each your profiles and any guest posts. Your links ought to embrace a combination of pages on your site-especially your location and phone pages-and alternative connected sorts of sites. you'll be able to conjointly link to your own social media pages or journal. ensure that each one links have a purpose and take guests to alternative sites that may have which means for them.

In case you've got not seen the pattern here nonetheless, i will be able to decision it out for you-quality matters. notice quality sites, produce quality profiles and link to quality pages.

Barnacle SEO half IV-the once

When do you have to add barnacle SEO in India to your overall SEO program? the solution to it question is simply-when you would like to enhance your search result rankings. My guess is which means currently. in contrast to several alternative SEO ways, barnacle SEO is comparatively easy and very offers you the lion's share of the facility. it is a good way to require management of your on-line name also.

I must say one final issue concerning barnacle SEO-do not let it's a substitute for a high quality web site. Your true anchor is your own company web site which should provide users the expertise and knowledge they have. If it doesn't, no SEO maneuver within the finish will very be of abundant use.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of US Fiance And Marriage Visas

The following article can shortly explore the comparative blessings and drawbacks of the us betrothed visa and therefore the us wedding Visa.

The travel document that is usually used to bring a far off betrothed to the us is spoken because the K-1 visa. The K1 betrothed visa permits the visa holder to remain within the us for a statutorily prescribed amount of time: ninety days. among this ninety day amount the couple should wrongfully marry and apply for adjustment of standing so as for the foreign betrothed, now spouse, to stay lawfully within the USA.

Immigrant wedding visas square measure somewhat completely different from their K-1 counterparts as a result of the migrant spousal visa confers lawful permanent residence to the alien better half upon lawful admission by the us Customs and Border Protection Service (USCBP) at an yank Port of Entry. There square measure essentially 2 varieties of migrant better half visas: the CR-1 visa and therefore the IR-1 visa. The CR1 visa provides conditional lawful permanent residence to the visa holder upon being lawfully admitted to the us. In general, this suggests that the alien better half of a us national within the USA should submit AN application to own the state of their residence upraised before they're going to be permissible to stay within the us for AN indefinite amount of your time. The IR-1 visa is supposed to be used by spouses of U.S. voters UN agency are wrongfully married for a minimum of 2 years at the time that the alien better half is lawfully admitted to the North American country by the Customs and Border Protection Service (USCBP).

The North American country betrothed visa method moves relatively faster compared to the migrant wedding visa method. However, the us betrothed visa is taken into account by several to be AN inferior travel document compared to AN migrant visa due to the said standing differential. to place it simply: coming into the U.S.A. in lawful permanent resident standing places a far off love in a considerably higher position compared to an foreign national coming into the USA in K-1 visa standing. For some, the immigration standing of AN alien love is a smaller amount regarding compared to the difficulty of obtaining aforementioned love admitted to the USA as quick as wrongfully doable. The K-1 visa offers a form of fast route to admission to the USA, however it ought to be noted that the K-1 method effectively bifurcates the positive identification method thereby necessitating adjustment of standing upon arrival which might be expensive and time intense.

Those regarding gaining a lot of insight into problems encompassing K-1 and migrant visas square measure well suggested to seem into the adjustment of standing method so as to return to an aware call about what style of travel document most closely fits the requirements and preferences of these involved.

US Immigration - K3 Marriage Visa Thailand

Several Thai-American couples wanted K3 wedding Visas. The class K-3 visa was designed for those couples desire to expedite the yankee wedding visa method. within the year 2009 the K-3 visa obtention method was quite just like the K3 visa method in 2008. That being same, there is also changes future for the K3 visa method in 2010 and this piece takes a quick look into the changes that couples may face within the future.

Most Thai yankee couples may expect the K3 visa method to require or so eight months from petition submission till final visa call at the yankee Embassy in national capital. Currently, it's this author's opinion that this remains Associate in Nursing correct estimate of the interval. At present, the u.  s. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) is estimating that it'll take roughly 5 months to adjudicate a K-3 petition at one among the 2 Service Centers with acceptable jurisdiction. Those inquisitive about the K-3 wedding visa ought to detain mind that this figure doesn't account for the requirement to file Associate in Nursing initial I-130 application. Further, this figure doesn't take under consideration the actual fact that the case file are going to be forwarded to the National Visa Center (NVC) for a security clearance before it'll be forwarded to the u.  s. Embassy abroad. Taking all of those concerns under consideration, eight months could be a comparatively correct estimate of the time it'll want ultimately acquire the K3 visa.

There can be changes to the K-3 visa application and obtention method thanks to redoubled fees for diplomatic building process. consistent to new planned rule changes originating from the yankee Department of State the K-3 visa interview fee can be redoubled considerably in 2010. beneath the planned rule K visa interview fees at North American country Embassies and Consulates abroad would rise from $131 to $350. This planned rule has not been adopted as of the time of this writing, however a fee increase of this magnitude is substantial and will be taken into thought by those thinking of applying for this kind of visa. significantly, within the context of wedding visas it should be wise for candidates to seem at the migrant visas like the IR1 and CR1 because the value is analogous, however the foreign spousal equivalent enters the USA in lawful permanent resident standing instead of as a non-immigrant United Nations agency should change their standing before they're going to be granted permanent residence (also referred to as a "Green Card").

How to Apply for US CR1 Visa?

Locally filing associate application for a us Visa in Thailand are often a tough proposition if the someone isn't resident in Thailand. this text can offer a short summary of the method and data relating to those eligible to file regionally in Kingdom of Thailand.

The USCIS workplace in port, Thailand can solely settle for associate application for associate migrator visa if the person applying has been staying within the country de jure for a amount of a minimum of one year. In the USA, proving one's residential standing are often somewhat straightforward as a result of it's merely needed that one show that they shall lodge in a precise abode, this intention should be insured by some type of proof (for instance, once attempting to prove residence in a very specific American State, one ought to offer proof such as: licence, lease agreement, proof of home possession, electrical bills, gas bills, or tax receipts). That being aforementioned, the us Citizenship and Immigration Service, by victimisation its body privilege has set that solely North American country voters gift in Kingdom of Thailand for one year in future visa standing are going to be allowed to file a visa application regionally.

This Thai visa standing should conjointly denote residence. Therefore, associate yankee gift within the Kingdom of Kingdom of Thailand for one year or a lot of on a tourer visa, transit visa, or multiple visa exemption stamps, can seemingly not be permissible to submit associate application for a North American country visa to the USCIS workplace in port.

If applying for associate migrator visa at a neighborhood workplace of USCIS in a very foreign country, then the person applying ought to abide by the native rules in situ at that workplace. Some offices take differing positions relating to the importance of assorted aspects of the applying. This side of filing regionally may cause exasperation among some candidates thanks to the very fact that a minor issue in one workplace can be construed as major in another.

With this in mind, one ought to note that the foremost common reason many of us prefer to file regionally is thanks to the very fact that filing regionally takes less time in comparison to filing associate application within the us. usually it takes between eleven associated twelve months to get approval for an migrator visa application submitted stateside, however it will take as very little as six months to own an analogous application approved regionally. this point differential are often a determinative think about filing regionally.

CR1 Visa From Thailand - US Immigrant Visa For a Thai Wife

As one of the highest tourer destinations within the world, Thailand boasts an outsized variety of foreign guests annually. The effect of this case is that the indisputable fact that several Americans visit the dominion and fall soft on not solely with the culture, however some residents additionally.

When a Thai-American couple decides to induce married, they need to additionally build the choice of wherever to measure. Some plan to stay in Thailand, however, several build the choice to maneuver back to the North American nation with their Thai married person and procure a visa for her to come back additionally. this text ought to facilitate shed chance upon the North American nation migrant Visas for Thai Spouses

The CR1 Visa:

The CR1 Visa is that the signifier for Conditional Resident one Visa. associate degree I-130 Visa petition should be filed to get a CR-1 Visa. A Conditional Resident is one World Health Organization enters the North American nation as a Conditional Permanent Resident. this implies that the visa holder has all of the advantages of a permanent resident, however they need a condition to their residence that at some purpose should be upraised so as to stay within the North American nation. within the North American nation Family Immigration context a CR-1 Visa will have the state upraised once a pair of years and therefore the North American nation national spouse equivalent should file associate degree I-751 petition to get rid of conditions upon residence.

The IR-1 Visa:

The IR-1 (Immediate Relative) Visa is meant for those Thai-American couples World Health Organization are married for over a pair of years and need to immigrate to the us. As within the case of the IR-1 Visa, associate degree I-130 should be filed to get this visa. Those holding associate degree IR-1 Visa square measure granted Unconditional Permanent Residence upon entry into the us. For Thai-American couples World Health Organization are married for over a pair of years this visa is extremely useful as a result of adjustment of standing isn't necessary.

The K-3 Non-Immigrant spouse equivalent Visa:

The K3 Visa could be a non-immigrant North American nation visa designed as associate degree expedited  Visa for those already married. The impetus for making this kind of visa was primarily based upon the very fact that at the time the K3 was created it absolutely was taking as long as three years to adjudicate associate degree I-130 petition. Today, it takes way less time to adjudicate associate degree I-130 petition and therefore the time distinction between a K-3 associate degreed an migrant Visa is much but it once was. Unless time could be a major think about one's deciding about North American nation Immigration, it'd in all probability be best to get a CR1/IR1 visa as a result of doing therefore eliminates the necessity for adjustment of standing.

Nothing during this article ought to be employed in role of recommendation from a accredited professional with expertise in North American nation Immigration matters.

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What are The Top 10 SEO Rules for an Expert Designers?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a vital component of any website. As a web designer or blogger, it’s important you understand how SEO works. Here are ten easy rules that will immediately improve the SEO on all of your web sites.

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1. Rule Zero: Do Not Cheat. Period.
If you walked into a room full of genius scientists with PHDs, do you think you could outsmart them all? No. Google has hundreds of rooms full of genius scientists with PHDs, and their job is to work 60 hours a week to make sure you can’t fool Google. You can’t outsmart them. Ever. Ignore any advice on trying to cheat the system and focus on making great web sites with great content, and your sites will show up fine in searches.

2. Rule One: Stick to Your Keywords
Pick a few keywords or phrases that describe your site. Use them, and words related to them, whenever it’s natural to do so. Repeating them uselessly is no good (rule Zero), use them in sentences, headlines, and links.

3. Rule Two: Content is King
Users don’t search for design, they search for content. If your site doesn’t have content people want, no one will look at it.

Every page on your site should follow the Inverted Pyramid. Each page should lead with a relevant H1 tag with one of your keywords, and the first paragraph of text should be a summary of the rest of the page.

4. Rule Three: Clean Code is Searchable Code
Build your sites in a text editor, and write clean, human-readable HTML. The HTML should follow the conceptual structure of the page, navigation first, followed by the H1 tag, then the first paragraph, etc. Try to use descriptive tags when possible. Use UL for lists, P for paragraphs, H tags for heads and subheads, and STRONG for bolded text. Don’t overuse Divs.

Your site can still be artistic and cool, that’s what CSS is for.

5. Rule Four: The Home Page is the Most Important Page
Your home page is the key to your site being found by search engines. It should summarize the rest of the site, and give a clear, compelling reason for a user to look at the other pages in the site.

6. Rule Five: Links Have Meaning
Search engines pay a lot of attention to the links on your site, and the words used in those links. Never use “click here” or “see more” for a link. The link text should describe where the link will take the user, such as “more examples of CSS web design” or “learn how we can improve your SEO.”

The more relevant the links on a page, the more findable the page becomes. Don’t go overboard, and don’t link to anything irrelevant. If your page is focused on minimalist web design, a link to the Design MeltDown page on minimalism will boost your SEO. A link to a hilarious picture of a cat will not.

7. Rule Six: Title Tags for the Win
Every page in your site should have a title with the site name and a short description of the page. About 60 letters total. Include a keyword. Remember that the page title is what appears in search results, it should give users a clear reason to click on it.

Your navigation links should have title attributes that match the titles of your pages. This looks like <a title=”name of page” href=”link”>. It’s a small thing, but it will give you a significant SEO improvement.

8. Rule Seven: Alt Tags Matter
Every image on your site should have an alt tag. Especially images that are relevant to the page. If your page is focused on CSS tricks, labelling a screenshot “example of rounded CSS corners” will improve your page’s findability. Labelling it “screenshot” or “image” will do the opposite.

9. Rule Eight: Ignore Most Meta Tags
A long time ago meta tags were the secret to SEO. Those days are gone. The only meta tag that really matters now is the description tag. Search engines may use it to provide the text under the link to your page in their results. Make sure it describes the page in a way that explains why a user searching for your content would want to look at your page.

10. Rule Nine: Have a Site Map
Make sure you have a site map. This is an xml file that describes the structure of your page. Make one, and give it to Google.

11. Rule Ten: Design for Humans
Search engines are designed to find what humans want. That means the best way to make your site findable is to design it for humans. Your job as a designer is to solve a problem, not make art, prove a point, serve your ego or break a boundry. In this case, your problem is to provide your users with a site that is easy to use and full of what they’re looking for. If you can do that, the search engines will find you.

For further reading I recommend this SEO Guide for Designers.

What are Main Secret 20 On-Page SEO Tips & Techniques in 2014?

There are many on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques that we can use for each of our websites, some that often get overlooked. So, here is a checklist of the most important techniques that we can use for 2014.

The best and most effective way to use the title tag is to not to make the title tag longer than 70 characters. The title should be according to your page; try to use the long phrased keyword within the title tag.

Use this tag smartly. Describe your page content and try to use your most competitive keywords in the text. Use no more than 160 characters.

We all know that Google stated that this tag does not affect your rankings but there are many SEOs, who still use this tag for other search engines. Target your 5 most competitive keywords within the tag.

Use HX tags with each of your main article headings / sections. Use h1 for the main headings and the rest in h2, h3, h4 and so on. Try use your keywords in the headings and highlight them in the eye of search engines with these HX tags.

Optimize each image with ALT and Title tags. Image name can also be optimized; try to use the keywords smartly within the tags as well.

Try not to use signs like &, Spaces, ?, etc in your URLs otherwise it can come across as spammy. Ask your developer to make the URLs look easy to read, short and clean.

As we all know “Content is King” in the SEO industry, so we can’t ignore this one. Each page should have a minimum of 500 words of great quality content.

Make sure your navigation is crawlable, whether it be text or image based.

Externalize the JS and CSS codes to make your website pages load faster. Take this with a grain of salt as it’s not always the best choice in any case. Sometimes it’s better to use pregressively inline JS and CSS for faster rendering and perceived time.

Internal linking will help you to engage your customers within the website. Internal linking will also help you to control the bounce rate as well.

Adding links to external high quality website (not just popular) resources builds a good relation in the eye of search engines and this trust will help the websites to get higher positions on search engines.

Use geo-tagging to let your users and search engines see your actual business location.

Use authorship to take the ownership of the content you publish on your website.

Add social media buttons to encourage your readers to share your website’s content on their profiles. Websites with social signals can get better rankings in search engines.

Create xml sitemap and add each of your website in it. You can submit to sitemap in Google and Bing webmaster tools to make your website index soon.

Updated: The robots.txt is a text file webmasters create to instruct robots (typically search engine robots) how to crawl and index pages on their website.

Make sure you have added and setup the analytics code so you can properly analyze your website.

Add and verify the ownership of your websites via Google Webmaster Tools. These webmaster tools will also help to analyze the on-page validations.

Xenu is free software to find broken links within your web pages. Find and fix those broken links as soon as you find them.

A website hosting server should be up and running 24/7, with at least 99.9% uptime. A website with too much downtime can be de-indexed from and won’t be able to rank higher on search engines.

Deepak Rajput is a Website Design and Development, Blogger and SEO Expert; you can contact him anytime.